17 Days Til I Do!

Hello friends! Sorry for the delay in the series - I've been abroad prepping for the wedding and well the wifi just wasn't strong enough to upload all the imagery. So I'm going to get these in where I can! Thank you all for your patience!

This dress was one of my faves!

NDAD - Day 17 - Vintage Wedding Dress

I used a portion of the dress on Day 25 to craft the super snazzy bag below but there was so much left to work with!

Day 25 - Before/After

I just loved the full skirt. 

NDAD - Day 17 - Vintage Wedding Dress 2

I had some ideas for this piece from the get go! 

NDAD - Day 17 - Vintage Wedding Dress

I wanted to remove all the appliques (which I did), dye it graphite (which I did) and hopefully wear it with any basic t-shirt or a short sleeved cashmere sweater to snazz it up! (which I did...NOT!)

Day 17 - Dye & DIY

Sadly post dye, the skirt ended up looking like the below! I realized when I removed the appliques, there was still portions of glue on the skirt where they were applied. They weren't just sewn on, they were also glued!

IMG_1656 2.JPG

So, what to do now? I still loved the idea of creating a skirt, but needed a different plan. Off to tie dyeing I went!

I took a kit with colors that would mesh well with the already dyed grey on the skirt. I was thinking black, blue and aqua would be the perfect match!

Day 17 - Dye DIY.png

I wet the skirt, rubber banded the skirt and then got to dyeing! (Little trick - take a baking pan and line it with a plastic trash bag to keep all the colors together and from getting all over the place!

Day 17 - Dye Process

When I was complete, my skirt looked like this!


I let it sit overnight to fully saturate all the dyes...


...then de-rubber banded it, washed it out with cold water until the colors stopped running and then let it hang dry.

The outcome...


Pretty fantastic, right?


I would never have gone the tie dye route if it weren't for the little snafu with the glue spots! I'm actually super thankful this little issue came up because the skirt is just awesome now!

Day 17 - After

And I still have plans to wear it the same way! T shirt and short sleeved cashmere sweater (when it gets cold) here I come!

NDAD - Day 17 - Upcycled Wedding Dress

Such a fun upcycle here...can't wait to mix and match this skirt with everything!

NDAD - Day 17 - Before/After

17 days til I do!

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