Post-Wedding Catch Up!

Hello friends!

I took a small hiatus post-wedding to soak up all the wedding highs after the big day! 👰 I didn't realize how all-encompassing the planning/prepping/traveling was going to be.

I was overly ambitious to get all the countdown dresses posted before I took off for all things wedding, so there's still a lot more to see! I'll get those posted this month while we're all enjoying some holiday down time!

My husband and I (I get so giddy saying that!) are still waiting on official photos but we did get a sweet pic that our photographer sent as a teaser.

Just married! 

Just married! 

I'll be sharing a TON more once the entire collection comes through and I'll be posting all the DIYs I crafted tied into the big day that weren't dress related! 

Thanks so much for all your kind words about getting married - I'm on cloud 9 and am grateful for your love!

xo MLF

Marisa Lynch

Marisa Lynch is a published author and blogger who loves to craft, upcycle, and play dress up in vintage gear!