Remake: Vintage 60s Navy Dress

Let's just get it out there...that's ONE large collar.

Vintage 60s Navy Dress - 1

Not only is it large and in charge, it's also stitched in place to the dress. Spoiler - that dress is not a jumper and those sleeves and that collar are not part of one lovely, polyester white shirt!

Vintage 60s Navy Dress - 2

I love the colors and the pattern, but that collar?

Vintage 60s Navy Dress - 3

You know, just thinking about how 🌢🌢🌢 this dress is gonna look.

Vintage 60s Navy Dress - GIF

First plan of attack? You guessed it!!

Vintage 60s Navy Dress - 4

That seam ripper is really going to town.

Vintage 60s Navy Dress - 5

Once the collar was off (!!!) it was time to repin all the undone seams. Remember that collar was stitched to the neckline so there was lots to get back in place.

Vintage 60s Navy Dress - 7

Post-pinning, it was ready to be stitched back together again!

Vintage 60s Navy Dress - 8

What a difference a little collar removal makes?!

Vintage 60s Navy Dress - 9

I have to say - my neck feels SO much better! That collar was thick and itchy and totally uncomfortable.

Vintage 60s Navy Dress - 10

The dress itself was a little big at the waist, but instead of totally reworking it, I just added one of my favorite vintage belts.

Vintage 60s Navy Dress - 11

It's elastic, so it's totally cinchable and really did the trick to make this piece more form fitting!

Vintage 60s Navy Dress - 12

If my neck could talk, it would totally say thank you for letting me breathe. 

Vintage 60s Navy Dress - Before/After

From totally retro to retro chic. Just enough without being overkill!


Let the dance party begin! 

Remake: Ivory Button Down Dress

I loved the style of this dress and the fit of this was just perfect. 

Vintage Ivory Button Down Dress

Cute pockets (woo, pocketssssss!!) but no belt (that's easily fixable!)...

Vintage Ivory Button Down Dress 2

...and some funky purplish stains all over. Check it out closer below!

Vintage Ivory Button Down Dress 3

That wasn't going to be enough to keep me from making this dress the awesomest dress it can be!!

Vintage Ivory Button Down Dress 3

Ready to head to Awesometown in ONE easy step.

Fabric Dye

That's one BIG bottle of dye πŸ’™!

I took my dress, tossed it into the washing machine with a full bottle of Rit Dye, and out it came looking brand, spankin' new!

Vintage Blue Button Down Dress

I loved the shade of blue it came out post-wash!!

Vintage Blue Button Down Dress 2

You can't even tell there were spots there to begin with!

Vintage Blue Button Down Dress 3

It was just the thing to wear for a night out in the city!

Vintage Blue Button Down Dress 4

I paired it with a floral belt from a previous remake from 2011 (woah, that's a LONG time ago!) that added some extra pastels to the mix! 🌷🌸🌷

Vintage Blue Button Down Dress 5

This was for sure, one of those "kick your heels up" kinda nights!

Vintage Blue Button Down Dress 6

From stained and eh, to new tailored staple. Oh, what a little dye can do!

Before & After - 12.27.16

Remake: Mint & White Dress

We might have found a new color palette pair fave!

Vintage mint & white dress

A little vanilla mint action, you could say? (Yeah, I've ALWAYS got my mind on sweets!)

Vintage mint & white dress 2

I loved the essence of this dress! There were a few things that needed some adjusting, but overall the structure was fab.

Vintage mint & white dress 3

I could do without the ruffles on the sleeve's edge, but we'll get to that! :)

I got my tools ready to go!

A little behind the scenes action!!

A little behind the scenes action!!

The more I thought about the sleeves, I just decided to take them completely off!

Vintage mint & white dress 6

I used my seam ripper to take them both off and then pinned each new arm hole in prep for stitching.

Vintage mint & white dress 8

Got the sewing machine threaded with mint thread and finished the edges!

Vintage mint & white dress 10

Next it was time to adjust the waistline. The elastic that was currently there basically turned into ribbon after being there so many years - there was just no stretch at all! I removed the old and replaced with the new!

Vintage mint & white dress 7

I love when it cinches like this!!

Vintage mint & white dress 9

A few small changes here and there and we've got a brand new dress!

Vintage mint & white dress 11

I love the ribbed texture to the fabric and I think it stands out more with the sleeves gone! 

Vintage mint & white dress 12

I went neutral with shoes and paired the dress with my Aerosole heels to give it a fall-ish feel!

Vintage mint & white dress 12

I love the idea of adding a patterned cardigan to go on top!

Vintage mint & white dress 13

This one was all about fit and just simplifying what was already there. 

Vintage mint & white dress (Before & After)

I had a chemistry teacher in high school who was well versed in telling us to KISS - keep it simple, stupid. I'm not a fan of calling anyone stupid, so let's just keep it simple, stitchers :)