Game of Thrones Final Season Costume! 🐉❄️

To celebrate the final season of GOT, I’m repurposing my Sansa Stark costume I made for a Halloween party a few years ago. I used two pieces that needed a little bit of work - this bodysuit was thrifted...

Vintage Bodysuit, Game of Thrones

...and this lovely lace robe was a swap party score!!


Somehow at the swap party, I failed to see this lovely spottage action.  Who's got two thumbs and isn't afraid of that spot??

Game of Thrones Robe


It's time to get cracking because “winter is coming.”

I started off costume prep by getting rid of this spotted area on the lace robe.  It's weird because this wasn't just a discoloration, but a hardened bit of something that got stuck to this piece.  Texture wise, it felt just like pockets do when gum is left in them when they go through the washer.  Super weird, right?

Game of Thrones Stained Robe

I decided to just follow the hem and trim off about five inches from the bottom.  The weird spot was gone in no time!

Trimmed off bottom, Game of Thrones robe

With the robe tweaked, it was time to dye!!  The character I'm dressing up as wears more muted tones and earth colors, so I decided to go with a shade of dark green.  I was super excited to dye both pieces because there are so many different bits of fabric that will take differently to the color.

GOT Robe, dyed

I added them to my washing machine...

GOT Robe, dyed with Rit Dye

...and out they came, dyed to perfection!!

GOT dyed bodysuit and robe

Now that dyeing was complete, it was time to work on my headpiece.  I found this wreath at a Salvation Army for $1.25.  I loved the paper flowers and it felt perfect for the vibe that I was going for.  I was originally going to make my own, but when I saw this one I just knew I could make it work!

GOT headband

Because it was too big for my head, I snipped the wire base of the wreath in half and adjusted it to fit me.  I overlapped each end of the wreath, unraveled the thinner bits of wire wrapped around the whole thing (you can see this thinner wire below) and rewired them on top of the layered bits to hold them together.

GOT headpiece

Now it was time for my main piece of flair...Tyrion Lannister!

Tyrion Lannister

I bought a poster of Peter Dinklage's character Tyrion Lannister and began to work on him, to make him easy to carry.


I took an old cardboard box and cut one of the sides off from it.

Cardboard backing

I trimmed the poster to fit the square, coated the cardboard box with spray adhesive, and then affixed my man!!

Elmers Craft Bond

To make him comfortable to carry, I turned him into a shield of sorts with some duct tape!  Perfect for my arm to slip in and hold.

Taped Backing

I ended up adding some white tulle and hand-stitched it to the back of my headpiece to create a veil.

GOT Veil

Ready to see the entire look???

Sansa GOT Costume

I paired my dyed pieces with a pair of comfortable vintage boots and a fabulous gold brocade skirt that I bought a while back at Goodwill just to have in my collection.

Sansa GOT Costume

I'm really glad I talked myself into buying it years ago because it was the perfect complement to the ensemble!

GOT Sansa Costume

Is it weird that I totally want to wear this headpiece out and about??  I'll just remove the veil for everyday wearing :)

GOT Sansa Headpiece

I feel like a part of Winterfell.

GOT Sansa costume

Oh, and I can't forget my "raven" ring accessory.  We'll just pretend he's got three eyes!!


The best part of my costume is that I will be wearing all of these pieces again!  That bodysuit, since is has underwire, is going to be a staple layering piece in my wardrobe!


Will you be getting dressed up before the final episode?? We might need to curate outfits to wear on the series finale! ❄️🐉 ❄️

Remake: Black & Red Muumuu

You know I LOVE a muumuu. They’re flowy, they’re super comfortable, and they make you feel like you’re wearing pajamas! I mean, anytime I can get away with feeling like I’m in PJs outside my house, SIGN ME UP!

Check out this one I just picked up.

Black & Red Muumuu Before

I was obsessed with the pattern and loved the bottom portion of red!

Vintage Red & Black Muumuu

Because of the darker shades, I thought this would be something that could work as a chic dress to a cocktail party. And you’ve got to love the one pocket sitch!

Vintage Red & Black Muumuu

I didn’t want to change too much, so I’m keeping this project super simple. I started with my tiny Fiskars scissors and trimmed off the sleeves.

Vintage Red & Black Muumuu Cut Sleeves

Once both sides were trimmed…

Vintage Red & Black Muumuu Cut Sleeve

…I prepped a new seam, pinning the raw edges under. I started at the neckline and went all around the arms.

Vintage Red & Black Muumuu Pinned Sleeves

Quick stitch on the machine and I was ready to go!

Vintage Red & Black Muumuu Sewing

Hello cocktail party at the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs! I’ve arrived!

Vintage Red & Black Muumuu Upcycled

It’s so summery and feels very chic when you add some fun accessories and gladiator sandals!

Vintage Red & Black Muumuu Upcycled

I feel like I’m in a secret garden!

Vintage Red & Black Muumuu

Red sunnies and vintage necklaces rounded out the ensemble!

Vintage Red & Black Muumuu Upcycled

That’s right shoulders, you’re free from the sleeves! 😂

Vintage Red & Black Muumuu Upcycled

Easy, peasy, off with the sleevesies!

Vintage Red & Black Muumuu Before/After