Vintage Rundown!

It's been a busy week, but I've been furiously working on a few of these guys. You can see that I'm in a pastel state of mind!! This dress literally has a sheer polka-dotted organza layer. Yep this was worn to someone's wedding!

Cotton Candy Vintage Dress - New Dress A Day

The neckline of this dress is insane and kinda feels like a beaded version of animal print! You have to see the back though...

Powder Blue Vintage Dress - New Dress A Day

I just love this all together. It's super LA Law and I can't wait to make it work for me!!

Turquoise Vintage Dress - New Dress A Day

Like the "Stop in the Name of Love" hand action I've got going today?? I did it just for you...

New pieces up this weekend!!