Creativebug Class - DYE Party (& win a free membership!)

I was lucky enough to get invited to create some videos of my own with Creativebug (my first class about muumuus is already up and running) and my second class launches today. Guess what it's all about???? DYEING!!!

CREATIVEBUG DYE Class - Learn to dye!

I'm always getting such amazing questions from you guys about how to dye, proper techniques, etc., so we came up with a one-stop-shop for all things dye related.

CREATIVEBUG DYE Class - Learn to dye!

We played with polyester specific dyes as well as basic fabric dye and dyed an assortment of fabrics to show you how each specific piece takes to the color. You can see in the above shot that we had a ton of fun with blues and purples :) The reveals are the best!

I’m also giving away two more free three-month memberships (yay!!), so leave a comment below mentioning the class you'd love to try out, to enter! You’ll have projects galore to continue creating this summer and will be blown away by all the cool classes on the site. I can't stop going through them myself. There's a glitter 101 class (obsessed) as well as crochet classes that I need to start watching.

Also, to get 50% the first month’s subscription, use the code NDAD at checkout. Kind of a perfect way to see what Creativebug is all about…