vintage dresses

Weekend Acquisition!

Hello friends! I hope everyone had a most beautiful weekend! I took a solo trip up to Santa Barbara for the day to bike on the beach, hang out at Alameda Park for Earth Day festivities, and to go flea marketing. You can see below what I snagged...

Vintage Crosstitch

Vintage Crosstitch

Hey, crosstitched horses!! Yeah it was one of those "I know this is totally kitschy, but I think I need it in my office" moments. So...I snagged it for a few bucks. What do you guys think? Was I totally crazy for buying this?

Also, you'll see the after product of this beaut tomorrow.

New Dress A Day - vintage dress

New Dress A Day - vintage dress

The 90s called...and they DON'T want this dress back :)

Vintage Rundown!

It's been a busy week, but I've been furiously working on a few of these guys. You can see that I'm in a pastel state of mind!! This dress literally has a sheer polka-dotted organza layer. Yep this was worn to someone's wedding!

Cotton Candy Vintage Dress - New Dress A Day

The neckline of this dress is insane and kinda feels like a beaded version of animal print! You have to see the back though...

Powder Blue Vintage Dress - New Dress A Day

I just love this all together. It's super LA Law and I can't wait to make it work for me!!

Turquoise Vintage Dress - New Dress A Day

Like the "Stop in the Name of Love" hand action I've got going today?? I did it just for you...

New pieces up this weekend!!