Kathy's NDAD Creation: Halloween Edition

More Halloween costuming awaits!  How about two kid-sized, sports themed 'stumes from Kathy?  They're both completely adorable and tied into sports!  Check them out...

I love your blog!!  I love taking old/outdated things and turning them into something new and “hip”.  My son has always been the kid that was not satisfied to have a regular costume.  He always forced me to use my imagination and figure out how to make his one-of-a-kind get-up!  Here are two of the most recent costumes, both sports themed!


My son wanted to be a baseball.  Not a baseball player, but the actual baseball.

I took an old sweatshirt and sewed a t-shirt to the inside of the sweatshirt.  I then took red ribbon and used fabric glue to make the lines on the baseball.  The t-shirt was a size or two smaller than the sweatshirt so I could stuff the costume between the t-shirt and sweatshirt.  

New Dress A Day - DIY Halloween Costume - Baseball

This gave the 3-D effect and made it look like a baseball.  I paired it with old white baseball pants found at a consignment store along with red knee socks and his St. Louis Cardinal hat.  Total cost of this costume was $7.

The next costume...


He wanted to be a football field.  (Momma’s shaking her head here…)

I took an old box and made armholes and a neck hole.  The local carpet store gave me their leftover indoor carpet that I used as the field grass.  I bought a small PVC pipe and a few joints that I painted yellow for the goal posts.  I used spray paint for the field lines and stencils for the lettering. 

New Dress A Day - DIY Halloween Costume - Football Field

The mask was borrowed, but you could deflate a football and just put it on your head.  Total cost of this costume was $9.

Enjoy!!  I guess the perks of a creative kid is forcing my creativity!!

Can I fit into that football field?  This really is so creative and resourceful!! I love that you went to the carpet store for remnants too.  There's nothing like being in a cool costume/outfit/etc and being able to tell people that you made it!  Creative kid, creative mom, creative family!

More Halloween to come...