Halloween Costumes

Halloween Location Looks: 30 of 31 – The Big Lebowski

My month of DIY costumes shot in front of the actual shooting locations continues!! Day 30 is here and it's on my list as one of my favorite Coen Brothers movies. Today’s costume comes from:

Big Lebowski - title card

There is nothing cooler than Jeff Bridges as The Dude.

Big Lebowski - The Dude

This opening scene is the best - he's in a Ralphs grocery store, wearing his iconic robe, drinking some milk. Like you do...

Big Lebowski - The Dude Costume DIY

I had to hit up a local Ralphs to recreate this fun scene.

The things you'll need for the perfect dude costume are...

Big Lebowski - The Dude Costume DIY

1. Robe (mine is from Overstock.com, but anything in the brown family works like a charm!)

2. Beard (this one is c/o Party City)

3. Sandals (I used a freebie pair I got on a flight, but love these $15 Okabashi sandals!)

4. Sunglasses (I'm wearing my prescription ones, but these work as a cheap option!)

Let's go to Ralphs!

I grabbed my robe and headed off to the grocery store!

Big Lebowski - The Dude Costume DIY

I grabbed that milk carton and brought out the Dude!

Big Lebowski - The Dude

Employees were restocking while I wore my robe in the dairy section. It's LA, there's crazy stuff everywhere, so nobody blinked an eye!

Big Lebowski - The Dude Costume DIY

I tried my best to recreate Jeff's incredible facial hair.

Big Lebowski - The Dude

Nothing like a fake beard to really feel like El Duderino.

Big Lebowski - The Dude Costume DIY

Thirty looks down, one to go!

Film Details:

The Big Lebowski (Polygram Filmed Entertainment., dir: The Coen Brothers)

Location: Ralphs Grocery Chain, Los Angeles, CA

Halloween Location Looks: 25 of 31 - The Artist

My month of DIY costumes shot in front of the actual shooting locations continues!! Day 25 is here and it's a new, old film. Today’s costume comes from:

Artist - title card

Silent movies, le sigh. Silent movie costumes, le sigh times two!

The Artist - Berenice Bejo Jean Dujardin

They hot a portion of the film at the Wilshire Ebell Theater in mid-city LA...

The Artist - Wilshire Ebell Theater

...so I went off in the hopes of getting discovered, just like Peppy! (Berenice Bejo)

The costume pieces you'll need to look just like Peppy are:

The Artist - Costume Articles Berenice Bejo

1. Dress (Mine was old Erin Fetherston for Target, but this one totally works as well!)

2. Hat (This is a perfect bucket hat that looks just like the movie version!)

3. Gloves (I always get cheap packs of these at Target to have on hand as little gifts that I embellish!)

4. Ribbon (Use this to create a big bow to attach on the dress and another for around the hat!)

5. Wig (Mine is c/o Party City)

Lights, camera, action!

I put on my costume and began to channel my inner Peppy!

The Artist - Halloween Costume

Knowing that the pics were going to be converted to black and white, I used a dress that was a light beige along with a white hat and gloves.

The Artist - Jean Dujardin Berenice Bejo

The ribbon that I used was purple and it was a perfect contrast with the rest of the costume.

The Artist - Halloween Costume

This movie was just so charming...

The Artist - Jean Dujardin Berenice Bejo

...so it was so much fun to recreate this costume!

The Artist - Halloween Costume

Berenice Bejo is just so lovely - I always wanted to be a flapper...

The Artist - Jean Dujardin Berenice Bejo

In front of the marquee...

The Artist - Halloween Costume

...but my favorite sign is this one!! Been in this same spot since the venue opened.

The Artist - Halloween Costume

That's all folks, from Jean Desjardin, Berenice Bejo...

The Artist - Jean Dujardin Berenice Bejo

...and me!!

The Artist - Halloween Costume

Silent film starlets!

The Artist - costume pieces

Twenty-five looks down, six to go!

Film Details:

The Artist (Studio 37, dir:Michel Hazanavicius)

Location: Wilshire Ebell Theater, 4401 W. 8th St., Los Angeles, CA 90005

Halloween Location Looks: 24 of 31 - Beaches

My month of DIY costumes shot in front of the actual shooting locations continues!! Day 24 is here and it's an 80s movie that I watched with my mom when I was younger because she had read the book. Today’s costume comes from:

Beaches - title

I recall a very young Mayim Bialik playing Bette Midler as a child and all I thought about was how much I wanted her fringy costume!

Beaches - Mayim Bialik

The opening scene is shot at the Hollywood Bowl which happens to be a place that I'm very familiar with.

Beaches - Hollywood Bowl

Shooting there when it was completely empty was such a treat. It's one of the coolest spots in Los Angeles!

Beaches - Hollywood Bowl

I thought recreating one of Bette's looks from Beaches would be just the thing for my costume series!

Beaches - Hollywood Bowl

To dress like Bette, the only real thing you'll need is a red wig (and a mic if so inclined) as well as "Wind Beneath My Wings" playing on your smart phone the whole night!

I wore a blue blazer from my collection to match the blazer that Bette wore.

Beaches - Hollywood Bowl

She performed...

Beaches - Hollywood Bowl

I performed...

Beaches - Hollywood Bowl

Her name was on the marquee...

Beaches - Hollywood Bowl

...my name was most definitely not.

Beaches - Hollywood Bowl

She sang...

Piano crooning Beaches (c/o Touchstone Pictures' "Beaches")

...and I pretended to sing.

Beaches - Hollywood Bowl

We're really just so similar!!

Beaches - Hollywood Bowl

Twenty-four looks down, 7 to go!

Film Details:

Beaches (Touchstone Pictures, dir: Garry Marshall)

Location: Hollywood Bowl, 2301 N. Highland Ave.. Los Angeles, CA 90068