kids Halloween costumes

Kathy's NDAD Creation: Halloween Edition

More Halloween costuming awaits!  How about two kid-sized, sports themed 'stumes from Kathy?  They're both completely adorable and tied into sports!  Check them out...

I love your blog!!  I love taking old/outdated things and turning them into something new and “hip”.  My son has always been the kid that was not satisfied to have a regular costume.  He always forced me to use my imagination and figure out how to make his one-of-a-kind get-up!  Here are two of the most recent costumes, both sports themed!


My son wanted to be a baseball.  Not a baseball player, but the actual baseball.

I took an old sweatshirt and sewed a t-shirt to the inside of the sweatshirt.  I then took red ribbon and used fabric glue to make the lines on the baseball.  The t-shirt was a size or two smaller than the sweatshirt so I could stuff the costume between the t-shirt and sweatshirt.  

New Dress A Day - DIY Halloween Costume - Baseball

This gave the 3-D effect and made it look like a baseball.  I paired it with old white baseball pants found at a consignment store along with red knee socks and his St. Louis Cardinal hat.  Total cost of this costume was $7.

The next costume...


He wanted to be a football field.  (Momma’s shaking her head here…)

I took an old box and made armholes and a neck hole.  The local carpet store gave me their leftover indoor carpet that I used as the field grass.  I bought a small PVC pipe and a few joints that I painted yellow for the goal posts.  I used spray paint for the field lines and stencils for the lettering. 

New Dress A Day - DIY Halloween Costume - Football Field

The mask was borrowed, but you could deflate a football and just put it on your head.  Total cost of this costume was $9.

Enjoy!!  I guess the perks of a creative kid is forcing my creativity!!

Can I fit into that football field?  This really is so creative and resourceful!! I love that you went to the carpet store for remnants too.  There's nothing like being in a cool costume/outfit/etc and being able to tell people that you made it!  Creative kid, creative mom, creative family!

More Halloween to come...

Shelly's NDAD Creation: Halloween Edition

I've been getting so many fantastic Halloween costume submissions from readers, that I'm starting the weekend a little early featuring them!  I want to make sure I get as many as possible posted before the holiday in a few weeks.  This costume is adorable, because whenever kids and costumes are in the same sentence or photo, I just cannot resist!!

Right now all of the "extra money" in our household is tied up with back to school and home improvement projects, so when I planned our annual trip to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, I still wanted my son to dress up (this is a tradition in our house -  last year he wore a homemade kilt and shirt). I dug around the house to see if I had something I could make-over and reuse and sure enough, I found a ninja Halloween costume that my older son wore 10 years ago.

New Dress A Day - DIY - Halloween Costumes

I tend not to toss anything that I can reuse later, so that saved me in this case!

From ninja to...???

I took 4 inches off the bottom of the pants, hand stitched a new seam, inserted elastic in each new seam and took in the waist just a little.

New Dress A Day - DIY - Halloween Costumes

They became instant pirate pants!!  I paired the new pants along with the shirt from a kilt outfit he wore last year...

New Dress A Day - DIY - Halloween Costumes

...and a red scarf that I already had. Putting everything together, he was a very well dressed pirate. He had a blast and can even wear it for Halloween this year!

I think I just love anything pirate - your kiddo is adorable!  Is it weird that I secretly want that kilt? The plaid fabric is amazing! It's so fantastic all the reusing you're doing with your kids, just because they're probably constantly growing out of things all the time. Saving and finding new ways to make them work is just so wonderful. I'm looking forward to seeing all the other cool things that you come up with, Shelly!