77 Days to Go: Kat's NDAD Creation

I absolutely loved Kat's before look and knew that anything she was going to do was going to make the piece infinitely better...

Dear Marisa -

I have been following you almost since the beginning and one of my daily highlights is seeing your newest remake. This spring my grandson was graduating from a bible college in South Carolina and I needed a dress.  Nothing is my closet would do, so I went through my patterns and found a favorite from about 25 years ago I could update, but after a trip to the fabric store, it was going to cost me $60 to get the material I wanted and that was even with a 50% off coupon!  Needless to say it was way beyond my budget, so on my way home, I stopped at the Great American Thrift store to see if there was anything I could use.  I found a dress with just the fabric I was wanting.

New Dress A Day - DIY - vintage dress - Kat Before

I loved the cameo buttons, but just not on the dress - the price was $3, but it was half price day so I snagged it for $1.50!   It's a pretty deep navy with small off-white flowers...

New Dress A Day - DIY - vintage dress - floral pattern

Sounds like a deal to me!  Let's see what Kat does with this!!

The dress had a choker neck, along with the shoulder pads and ties that all had to go.  The bodice and sleeves were too big, so I took off the sleeves and then raised the shoulders and cut a more rounded neck.  I wanted sleeves, because I'm always cold, so I just pushed them up to 3/4 length.  I found a piece lace in my stash, and put it around the neck which was exactly what it needed to soften the neck line.  I was now ready for the graduation.

New Dress A Day - DIY - vintage dress - Kat after

When I modeled for my husband he said, "looks great, you needed a good marry'in/bury'in dress.":-) Even though it took a lot longer, I was pleased with the results.  The handsome young man is my grandson.

New Dress A Day - DIY - vintage dress - Family Portrait

Love you Marisa, keep inspiring us!  BTW, how do you eat all those yummy meals and stay so tiny!? :-)

Kat, you amaze me!!!  I absolutely LOVE what you did with that dress.  It's a complete 180 - from choker/cameo neckline, to sweet and dainty neckline.  It was worth all the work because you look INCREDIBLE!!!  Love those flats too!

Ha, and all those yummy meals...my erratic schedule/hikes/dance classes at the gym allow me to get away with indulging every once in a while.  I just got into Zumba this summer - it's the most fun/best workout I've had in a long time!!