76 Days to Go: Caitlin's NDAD Creation

I love to use fabric dye.  So does Caitlin...  I think I need to throw a dye party and get everyone together.  Who's in??

Because everyone loves Rit Dye, I picked up white canvas shoes for a few bucks today and...

New Dress A Day - DIY - canvas KEDS

What color do you think she's gonna use??

...mixed about three parts Kelly Green with two parts Lemon Yellow and ended up with these babies! 

New Dress A Day - DIY - RIT Dye Keds

Can't wait til they're dry to put the white laces back in :)

I'm loving this color and think they're going to be perfect for transitioning into fall too.  Way to rock those dye mixing skills Caitlin!!  Love what you did and such a fun thing to do to canvas kicks that might need a little color pick-me-up!!