78 Days to Go: Friday Giveaway!

This week was filled with so much love...thank you all for the beautiful comments about the book - I'm just over the moon! In celebration, I thought this was the perfect little giveaway - a striped mirrored compact with my favorite French words - JE T'ADORE - and a pair of vintage clip on earrings.  I love the red, black, white combo!!

New Dress A Day - DIY - Giveaway - Vintage ClipOns - J'Adore Compact

Plus, the winner will get to see an "I adore you" reminder each time they use the compact, which is totally true.

New Dress A Day - DIY - Giveaway - Vintage ClipOns - J'Adore Mirror

OK, so what do you adore?  Who gets the "je t'adore" compact in your life?  I'm a little partial to my new baby cousin, Alara, whose cheeks, just by looking at them, can bring a smile to your face!  She's delicious and adore is the perfect word to describe her.

Leave a comment below and a winner will randomly get chosen next week!  I'm a bit behind with giveaways, but winners will finally be announced this weekend from the past two weeks goodies, so there's still time to sign up!!

Happy Friday!!