154 Days to Go: La Sha's NDAD Creation

Mrs. La Sha provided today's lovely remake - a maternity dress turned everyday piece.  A few of my wonderfully amazing friends have just given birth, so there are lots of little dudes/gals in my reach making this completely timely!

When I told my aunt (who bought the dress back in the early 90s) that I'd dramatically altered the dress she seemed shocked and asked, "Why would you cut up such a pretty dress?" Pretty?  Only in a verrry ironic way could it be "pretty". You'll understand when you see the pic!

Here's that pic from La Sha...

La Sha - Before

I'm feeling the not-so-pretty vibe at the moment along with LS, however this has LOTS of potential.  Can't wait to see how it turns out!

LS cut off the crushed velvet bits, chopped the sleeves in half, and cut off "about a thousand inches of fabric", giving the dress a chic-er hem line.  With the black velvet collar removed, LS rolled it and hemmed and then folded her sleeves to above the elbows.

Goodbye 90s nightmare, hello summer grill-time dress!!

La Sha - After

I'm loving this La Sha!!  Way to transition this piece into something current and wearable!  If your cooking is anything like your dress tweaking, I want a dinner invite :)

Thanks for sharing your creativity La Sha! (Check her out HERE!)