153 Days to Go: Natalie's NDAD Creation

I'm featuring another one of your pieces today, yay!!  I've been crazily hammering out final book edits due Monday that I've been away from the sewing machine this weekend!  I do have some fun stuff coming up this week after my 4am late night work fests (yes, that's plural) conclude in another day :) Today's piece is from Natalie, a super chic college gal from Wisconsin!

The thought of altering clothing never occurred to me before I read your blog.  Since then, I've been taking a stab at fixing some of the pieces in my closet that were close to fitting but not quite right.  I hadn't tried altering a piece just for the sake of it until I came across this at the thrift store - 100% silk, gorgeous color and pattern, and at $1 the price was right for a little experimentation.

I love this thought - I know it can be daunting to cut a dress or shirt up, but when you can get a piece on the cheap, it makes it way easier to test the waters.

New Dress A Day - Natalie's NDAD Before

Let's see how Natalie's experimenting goes!

Here's a little close up of that gorg fabric...

New Dress A Day - Fabric ECU!

I removed the collar and sleeves, shortened the dress, and redid the neckline.

New Dress A Day - Natalie's Creation - After

Now, I have a wonderful dress, and thanks to you my closet has so much more potential to be exactly how I want it!

What a beautiful transformation!!  Adjusting the neck and shortening the piece can make all the difference.  I love that there were pockets in front too - it looks just like a piece you could find at Urban Outfitters.  Way to rock it out Natalie - thanks for sharing!