Week 3: Kelly's NDAD Creation

In just a few days, there are going to be some fun blog changes!  You might have already picked up on some things that are getting tweaked!  I'm super excited to unveil the completed, face-lifted, look that's right around the corner! Today's amazing remake comes from my gal Kelly.  I love the pattern on her piece...check it out!

"Red and black and floral, this "thing" immediately caught my eye.  I felt like a slightly smaller and redheaded Dorothy Zbornak (Oh, Ma!!).

Kelly - Before

Time to check out Kelly's handiwork!

First thing was shoulder pad removal - I'd say you're a pro at this by now.  Then I took out some mesh netting type material that was lining the dress.

Pads & mesh!

(Not to mention an abundance of safety pins dispersed throughout.  Have you ever encountered this?  It may be a regional thing, because I've bought several old dresses in which this was the case. Wonder what was pinned in there - maybe a handkerchief, money, a bag of chips?  Who knows?) 

I've totally encountered the random safety pins in the tags which led me to believe they were left on from a previous dry cleaning experience.  I like the bag of chips idea though...I'd be toting along Baked Lays if it were up to me!!

Anyway, as you can see from the final product...

Kelly - After

...I removed the sleeves and made a new neckline.  Took the length up and added a little black button to the front.

Love that button!

I was date ready in no time.  And only out a couple of dollars!

Thanks again for reading this!  I also want to encourage you in your journey.  We're proud of you!!!!"

You're the sweetest Kelly - thank YOU for sharing your outfit.  You look like a million bucks :)