Week 2: Sarah & Tracey

Today's offering was a joint sent which I love!

Dear Marisa - Recently my friend Tracey was given several HUGE bags of clothes to do with as she wished, and graciously shared them with me.  Since very little of the clothing was in either of our sizes, most of it was ravaged :) for material, buttons, etc.  We enjoyed laughing at the horrendousness of many of the pieces, and in the midst of our laughter I said to her, "Actually I know this woman who takes pieces like these and..." and told her about your blog, which of course we immediately had to look up on her computer :)

The yellow house dress (at least that's what it MIGHT be!), I have to admit, is coming to you because I can't fathom even you being able to salvage it :) Of course, I hope I'm wrong!

Keep up the good work! Sarah L and Tracey!"

Week 2: Sarah (& Tracey) - Before

I love that this was a team effort!  Nothing is more fantastic than getting together with friends to sift through donated goods, laughing about the ridiculousness in some of the pieces, and then sending me the remnants.  You girls go!

I needed to take this in a bunch, so to make it more fitted I tried the piece on, cinched, and pinned the areas that needed to be sewn.  I started at each sleeve pinning my way down the dress.

Pin time!

With my pins in place I started to sew...

Bring her in!

Once I made my way down the dress and finished sewing, I began to trim the excess cotton material outside the newly sewn seam.

Trim the edges!

With both sides trimmed, I went to the hem next.  I decided to create a mullet dress!!  Business in the front, party in the back.  Chelsea Handler was just shot in an Elizabeth & James version...

Chelsea Handler in Elizabeth & James

...and Ashley Tisdale stepped out in Kymerah...

Ashley Tisdale in Kymerah

...so I figured that it was my turn!  I snipped a slit in the bottom center of the dress about six inches - I wanted to make a modest cut and not go too crazy high.  After the center trim, I cut both sides (like rounded triangles) to form a half circle.  This is the newly formed "business" part of the dress.

Front Trim!

I unbuttoned the buttons at the top of the piece, added a brown camisole, vintage belt, and threw on my ankle boots - I was ready to rock my new mullet dress!!

Week 2: Sarah (& Tracey) - After

I couldn't resist mulleting myself as well...love that the MacGruber iPhone app is still available.  As you can see, my phone pictures are a bit too small.

Marisa as MacGruber

My chic-ly dressed friend Gable even matched my ensemble.

Matching pals

I mean is this dog ready for the runway?  (...or Coachella with the rest of the Los Angelenos?)

Rockin' the neck scarf!

Oh and earlier in the day I was doing a little flea marketing with a girlfriend - we came across this wonder.  Seriously?  This was at the end of the rack, front and center, in a booth that only sold jorts (jean shorts).

This is not a joke.

I just had to share...anybody else ever come across a denim thong?  This just screams SNL sketch...Kristen Wiig, let's get on the denim thong, thong, thong, thong, thong song STAT!

Sarah & Tracey, thank you for sending this yellow piece my way!  I must say, this was one of the softest pieces I've worn in a while.  House dresses know how to be comfortable and I reaped that benefit for sure!