Week 3: Jennifer

I'm finally getting to wear this piece that I've been teasing all month!  Twas too hot for Texas, but now it's just right!! Week 3: Jennifer - Before

"Marisa!  I think this piece looks like one of those Little House on the Prairie dresses that you've played with before.  I actually really like the floral print and it's corduroy too which makes it a dress that you can wear with those awesome boots of yours!  Have fun with this and I really look forward to seeing what your crafty hands do with it!  xo Jennifer in KY"

Jennifer, you know me so well.  Boots it is!!  However, this piece needs a bit of TLC before I lace 'em up!

I began by cutting the piece a bit shorter because it was hitting me in that weird mid-calf-y area.  I'm not a huge fan of that length on me, so I decided to shorten it up!

Goin shorter!

Goin shorter!

Once the dress was shortened, I hit the sleeves next.  With a seam ripper, i took out the stitches keeping the sleeves in place...

Off with the sleeves!

...and was left with this!  Sleeveless party time!!

Sans Sleeves!

I didn't want to go completely sleeveless, so I sorted through my supplies and found some white fabric remnants with cutouts.  They felt like pieces from an old tablecloth or cotton doily - just goodies from a Ziploc o'random findings and trim I scored for $1 in the garment district.  Yay for finally finding a good use for these!

Trim adding time!

I began to pin the cotton trim around the sleeve lining up the middle of the remnant to the shoulder seam.

Pinned in place!

Once the trim was pinned, I sewed the new shorter hem...

New shorter hem!

...got my lace in place...

Attaching the trim!

...and took the dress in about an inch and a half on each side of the torso.  I wanted the body to be a bit slimmer, but wanted to keep the skirt bigger and pouffy!

I unbuttoned the top two buttons and folded the edges under to make a little, non-permanent, V neck, added a white tank, vintage tassel necklace, a vintage beige belt, some socks, and boots to finish up the outfit!

Week 3: Jennifer - After

I loved the way the sleeves turned out!  The cutouts in the fabric give them a super feminine feel and worked with the tank too.

Sleeve ECU!

I was actually a bit chilly tonight, but couldn't kick my sweet tooth craving.  A trip to grab some froyo came right after dinner paired with a hoodie and my denim jacket. (PS, that jacket has been with me since 1996.  Thanks Massapequa Mall on Long Island!)

Worst Flavor Ever!

I'm the biggest taste tester there is - I always end up asking for additional sample cups - but tonight I finally found a flavor that I spit out.  I found my match.  Praline Pecan (sugar free), I think you have become my yogurt nemesis.  I couldn't have been more excited to toss out the .1 oz of you that I tasted, and this is coming from someone who isn't a waster.  I mean, I hold onto all my shoulder pads after I cut them out to reuse down the road.  Even though I felt duped by the Praline Pecan, Dulce de Leche came through like a champ.  Mmmm.

Jennifer, thank you for sending this piece to me!  Yay!