Week 4: Hangin' With Mr. Cooper

OK, I just had to title today's post with that :)  Any other TGIF-ers in the house?! So, I found out last minute that my little Skype segment with Anderson Cooper was airing today on his show.

Long Distance Call

Not much notice (apologies!) but I have it here for you to scope out!  They wanted me to talk about my experience of getting laid off and basically what I did to get out of my rut.

It's crazy because when I was talking to him I was revisiting that dreadful moment of being in awe of what to do with myself after losing my job.  I look back now and see how much stronger I became - the blog and sewing became my daily routine, but your comments, amazing feedback, and support gave me something else that I could have never imagined.  It's a powerful thing, this little interwebby community we've got going here, and I couldn't be more grateful to have you in the NDAD village.  OK, enough with the sentimentalization.

On tap for tomorrow...


...this corduroy piece that was originally intended for Austin.  Unfortunately it was way too hot to rock the cord in TX, however LA's high-60 forecast will work perfectly.

Sweet dreams!