Week 5: Christine's NDAD Creation

Today's remake comes from Christine in MI! "I am so very excited because I finally finished one of my re-makes after following your blog for over 6 months DAILY!  I have told you before in some of my comments on your blog that you are such an inspiration to many and you really pumped some excitement back into my life!  I started looking in thrift stores weekly (we have some great ones here in Lansing, Michigan) and started several re-makes!  I already was shopping at thrift stores often and when people would compliment me, it was so fun to say, "Thrift Store! $1!"  Now it is even more fun to say, "Thrift store, re-make!"  

So here is my project that I started last fall and finally finished.  When I saw that the spring and summer styles were all about beige colors, I pulled it back out of the pile.

Christine - Before

Hmm, what will C's next step be??

I cut the SHOULDER PADS out, cut the sleeves off, cut the bottom off and used it for the belt, Marisa style!  I also sewed in the sides a little bit.  

Christine - After

Hello model!!  My husband took the pictures because it was the first nice day here in Michigan and the day I finished the dress  (That's him below!)  And...that is all of my jewelry that I made in the picture too!  

Cute couple!

Check out the gorge necklace Christine made - her dress remake is the perfect piece to showcase the pretty brown bead colors too!

Photo shoot!

It has been so wonderful following you, that you share with us your tricks and tips for looking stylish on a budget is so awesome! You have such a talent for it and it is so much fun seeing where you go in all of your "new" clothes.  Thanks!"

Christine, what a crafty gal you are!  From the jewelry to the dress...I'm loving it!  (PS, to see more of Christine's beaded baubles, check out her etsy page!)