Week 5: Muumuu Part II

It's back to finishing up this muumuu first shown a few days ago! Muumuu - Before

Here's the close up on the fabric...

Fabric ECU!!

...and here's where I began tweaking the hem from my hotel room using Liquid Stitch!!

Hotel room gluing!

No sewing machine, no problem!

I folded under the glued fabric and let the area dry for 24 hours!  It was perfect timing because I left Dallas to go and visit family in Fort Worth.  My new muumuu was going to be ready to hit the town!!

Signed, sealed, delivered!

Before any town hitting, I took the excess fabric that was cut from the bottom of the muumuu...

Excess baggage!

...and began to trim strips from it in varying sizes.

Strips from the excess!

I twisted them into rosettes and hand stitched the bottoms from coming undone and then began attaching them to the top!!  (You can use safety pins, hand stitching, glue to keep them in place!)

Kiss from a rose...

Now my top was ready to hit that town!!

We began the day hanging in the produce section of my new favorite spot...

Hanging in the produce section!

...Central Market!  Any grocery store with a patio that you can kick up your feet on and enjoy your newly purchased eats while listening to live music has my name written all over it.

Dear Central Market,

Whenever you feel the need to venture west and bring your lovely establishment to Los Angeles, I will be one of the first people in line to enjoy the olive oil pour station, the massive cheese section (the orphan cheese stand rules), as well as the really fantastic DIY/weigh/sticker station by the produce.  I think we'd become good friends.  Seriously.  Maybe even BFFs.  OK, thank you for listening.

xo Marisa

My new favorite spot!

PS, the sample stations that exist in this market of awesome (the lemon cookie crumble gelato is legit) do not mess around!!  I even got reamed by a not-so-friendly elder running the salmon table when I snagged an extra fork from him - I didn't even give him a piece of my mind for not having a sign mentioning this fork crime because of how bliss-filled I felt.

Post market, when I was finally dragged out, we hit up Yucatan Taco Stand for a few of these...

Afternoon margies!

...before bringing our rations home and prepping a lovely dinner that we enjoyed outside in the balmy winds!

Photobombed by Miles!

My trip has been absolutely wonderful - I've been in Texas more than California the past month, so I feel like an honorary citizen.

I think I'm going to add more...

I'm going, going, back, back, to Cali, Cali tomorrow but am already looking forward to the next to be determined visit!

Oh and PS, scarf winners will be mentioned tomorrow...don't want y'all to think I'm pulling any April Fools jokes by naming winners on April 1 :)