Week 5: Day O'Muumuus

Greetings from Dallas!! I spent the day on set working with lots of muumuus.  Yep, that's one in my hand below!


I was in a non-remake, vintage, mint green dress that was the exact shade of Rachel McAdams' amazing Vivienne Westwood from The Vow premiere.

Love this whole look!

The only difference...I scored mine for a buck and hers was well...not a buck :)  There was no new outfit today, however I did begin working on this puppy!

Sneak Peek!

Isn't the pattern fun?

Fabric ECU!

Working out of my hotel room, I began a little deconstructing.  Since I'm sans sewing machine, all the tweaks are going to be hand sew/glue friendly.  Needles and thread came with me on my flight!


The leftovers...

What to do with the excess fabric?

Tune in tomorrow to see the results!!

PS, there's still time to enter yesterday's scarf giveaway!  A winner will be chosen on 4/1!