Week 12: More Wool

Third sweater from my bag o'Marisa donations!! This one was another pile sale fine - $1 (I spent more on laundering!), Irish, woolen, ivory, button down sweater.  I figured it would be cooler in these parts and this could work on my trip.

More Wool - Before

Unfortunately it hasn't been cold enough out yet until tonight when I wore it as a jacket.  The detail on this sweater is just amazing!

ECU detail!!

I wore the before version, pre-tweaked, this evening and will finish it up to wear on tomorrow's post.  Just a little embellishment to make this a bit more glam!

The road trip so far down South has been so wonderful.  I've been working most of the time, but left for a very fun, and down home dinner experience this evening.  It even said so on the chalkboard!

Sounds good to me!!

The family and I went to CRACKER BARREL!!!  I haven't been to one of these in years - I'm talking the last time I was here I still had -teen at the end of my age.

I made a new BFF, Sarah, who is going to have to come and visit me in LA for her first West Coast trip.

My Gal Sarah!

She hooked a sista up with endless glasses of sweet tea which I just found out is another key to my heart.  Oh sweet tea, I would use my one free piece of luggage on my flight home to take a vat of you back with me.  I'm actually very serious.  Cracker Barrel, any chance we can make this happen?

There's nothing like seeing lots and lots of rocking chairs on the porch.

Porch rockin!

Mmm, humid summers on the porch sipping sweet tea (I almost wrote sweat.  Sweat tea, gross, not so much) I can't wait to return this summer when the family is all settled in.

Finished sweater comes tomorrow...