Week 12: Old Bebe Sweater

More sweaters from the bag o'Marisa's warm weather clothing donations. This one was something I got towards the end of college.  It was during a trip to the Bev Center - (for those who are non LA-familiar, it's the big mall smack dab in the middle of the city that was being threatened by an oozy lava flow - pre-CGI - in Volcano...

Volcano in LA!!!!!!!!!!!

- where I was newly exposed to bebe and found it on super clearance.  One of those 60% off on top of the clearance price deals, so I caved.  NOTE TO SELF: Just because it's cheap doesn't mean it has to be purchased.

I put it in my giveaway sweater bag because I wasn't a fan of the construction after holding onto it for way too long.

Old bebe Sweater - Before

Here's a closer shot.

It's all stitched together!

I hate when things are stitched like this - I need some movement!!  And also, there wasn't elastic here either!


There was too much openness and bagginess down to where the piece was stitched and I was over it.  Two snaps a twist, over it, so I figured I'd pass it along, that is until this little road trip came about and I went digging in my sweater bag to pull out some options.  Had a little aha moment.

Only tool I needed for this one was a seam ripper and it was super easy to work on in the car too!

Rip those seams!

The final leg of the trip included some Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina love...

Gigantor Peach!

...before we arrived at our Final Destination, kinda like the movie, but not at all like the movie :)

Finally here!!!!

My brand new piece was ready to leave the car!

We're here!!

We had the best welcome committee too, headed by the Captain.

Cap'n Jake!

By taking the seams out, the sweater completely opened up and turned into a little wrap number.  The sash was stitched on separately too, so all I did was wrap it around the waist.

Old bebe Sweater - After

From the back...

The back!

It's such an easy piece to toss on top of things and I will be getting lots of use out of it.  Thrilled to have rescued this one!!