Week 11: Lucia's NDAD Creation

After the past two days in NC, I've realized that my blood has totally thinned.  I've been SO cold, sleeping in the fetal position in a bed of blankets, and dealing with freezing hands (especially when I'm typing!) When I saw Lucia's project, I thought that it was just what I needed to keep me warm right about now.  Check it out...

"I had to send this to you because I had so much fun making it, and it turned out perfect.  I was recently shuffled to a new part of the building I work in and found out once I was settled that it has a reputation for being cold.  There is a breeze from a vent that blows across me and freezes my upper body.  There are days when my fingers are sooooo cold and stiff! 

Already, I know what she's feeling!!  This was her before:

 Lucia - Before

I was thinking about fingerless gloves, but realized what I really needed was something that kept my shoulders, arms and hands warm.  The wheels started turning...

I hit the thrift store near where I work and happened to go in on a day when sweaters were half off.  LOVE IT!  (Me too!)  I found a sweater that had really long sleeves, was a good size and weight and at half off was only $3.  I chopped the sweater off under the arms, cut the front open and gave it a nice shape, then the grand finale I sewed the ends of the sleeves to form fingerless gloves.  

Rockin Nails!!

I kept it simple and ran a zig-zag stitch around the edges to make sure everything stayed in place.  I now have a nice shrug with built in gloves that is perfect to keep at my desk and pop on when it gets chilly.  This project just tickles the heck out of me."  

Lucia - After

Tickles the heck out of me too Lucia!!  Loving it and would love to be wearing it right about now while I type in 19 degrees.