Week 12: Wooly Mammoth Part II

Road trip continues!  I finally finished up the sweater that I teased a few days ago - reminder below! Wooly Sweater - Before

This was a piece that I got for a buck years ago and just never ended up wearing it.  Wool in Los Angeles isn't the most practical thing so it was brought to my storage unit and put in my donate box with a few other heavy sweaters.


When this trip came to fruition, I went back to that box and decided that I'd try to make it work on the road that I thought would ultimately be colder than Wilshire Blvd.  (It's been quite warm, however this piece was going to do the trick acting as a warm enough top that wouldn't constitute a jacket!)

Before we get to the sweater, small trip recap!

We finished out our last TX night with family in Fort Worth - what a cute spot!!

Fort Worth!

We had dinner reservations, however I had some primping to do pre-meal.  Yep, polishing on the street.  (It was actually easier than in the car which I also tried.)

Thanks OPI!!

We got our Tex-Mex grub on and started with baskets of jalapeño cornbread before the main event.  Unfortunately I filled up on bread and couldn't finish my tenderloin tamales topped with a pecan salsa and drizzled with creamy goodness.  Hopefully BP finished the leftovers.

I could only finish one!

Such an awesome night to hang with family!

Y'all say cheese!

Texas: we came, we ate, we conquered!!

Next it was onto LA.  The real LA I was told by this gent who will be seen shortly.

Bonjour Louisiana!!

I have to say - I completely fell in love!  We made a quick Baton Rouge pit stop to check out the home of the Tigers.

Geaux Tigers!!

I continued working on my piece, first stitching together both open sides.  Instead of a jacket, I'm going to make it a closed up sweater!

Hand stitching, passenger seat style!

I took thread and began to weave it between each side of the sweater - as if I were lacing a shoelace.

All sewed up!

I didn't stop there... I took some iridescent, flat sequins and put them in their travel-ok home - the cup holder of my portable desk...

Tray table time!

...because I'm going to embellish the front of the sweater with them!

Hand detail!

I started at the collar and then went down the center of the piece, in a non-patterned design.

I finished stitching just as we rolled into New Orleans!


It was my first time and what a time it was!

Bourbon Street!

We got ready at the hotel before heading back out to the French Quarter.  New sweater, cinched with a knit belt, is ready for the night ahead!

Wooly sweater - After

Bourbon Street was jumping!

Dancin' in the Streets!

We started off at the piano bar of Pat O'Briens for some hurricanes...


...and impromptu dancing.  This is the dude who told me that we were currently in the 'real' LA.  Who's to disagree?

Speaking some sort of drunken jibberish to my bro!

Then his fraternity brother joined in the dancing.

Journey's Don't Stop Believin' currently being sung by dueling piano players in the background!

We headed outside for some po boys and more photo ops.

Sneaky souvenir shop pic!

I was wearing my vintage boots (because they were the most comfortable for a night of walking and wouldn't get ruined from partygoers' spilled frozen daiquiris) and from the crowd comes Miss Mariah who recognized me by my boots!  No joke.  The boots, the boots!!


After collecting beads tossed off of balconies (I didn't do anything risqué - just caught the beads that other people missed) we grabbed some boozy slushies and meandered back to the hotel because we had an early morning ahead.

Early morning = breakfast at Café du Monde...

Happy morning!

...complete with café au lait and powdered sugar.


After our delish breakfast treat, we hit the road and continued along on our journey.

Mississippi City Limits!

We got to the motel just in time for the Super Bowl.

Yay NY!

It was the most non-traditional Super Bowl because I'm usually with friends snacking on buffalo chicken dip, brisket, and chili and watching a team other than my Jets play to win some serious bling-rings.  Instead, I got to do 2012's game at a roadside motel, in a cozy spirit tee/pj pants combo with Pizza Hut and it was just as awesome.

Yay for the other NY team winning this year!!  Sorry Bostonians and Tom Brady-ites...twas a valiant effort!

More from the road tomorrow...