Week 11: Audrey's NDAD Creation

My day began and ended here... Texas Waffle!!

TEXAS!!  We started off in Abilene and cruised on over to Fort Worth to shack up with awesome fam M&B.  We enjoyed their signature margaritas and had a lovely dinner full of Tex Mex.  I'm still full hours later...

More recaps tomorrow, but today I'm proud to show one fantabulous remake that got submitted by nine-year-old Audrey.  Even though we didn't feel the cold today because of some humid and warm temps out (I leave LA and it's warmer on the road then it is at home!) it is getting cold in other parts and Audrey's remake is just the right piece to toss on in weather where you can see your breath!

The amazing message I received goes a little something like this...

"My daughter loves reading your blog and she is getting more confident with sewing each day.  We get such great ideas from your posts and I just wanted to let you know that you are having an impact on lots of people of all ages!

Background on the sweater...

Audrey - Before

We picked this up from a friend (Linda) who bought with Audrey it in an attempt to unravel it.  When that didn't work out too well, she helped my daughter refashion it into her new creation.  It was purchased during a special $1 sweater sale at the Salvation Army.

Time to see my little crafty maven get her sew on!!

Audrey pieced together the panels of partially-unraveled sweater, and Linda advised and only sewed when the layers of sweaters got too thick to go into the sewing machine easily."

Audrey - After

From an unraveled mess to a striped Missoni-esque lookalike for 964% less than the original price tag!

Missoni with an original price tag of $965

Totally impressed with the skills seen by Audrey's hands.  PS, she's been sewing since she was six.  PPS, she repurposed an embroidered jeans shirt into a book bag for her teacher.  PPSS, there's pretty much nothing she can't do.

Gold star for you, Miss Audrey!!  Thank you for sharing!!

More from the road tomorrow...