Week 12: Wooly Mammoth!

Today's transition from Arizona to New Mexico to Texas... We're in Texas, y'all!

...was a long journey, but full of fun nonetheless.

I began work on this puppy...

Wooly Wonder!!

...but the mix of writing and driving didn't allow me time to finish.  Aiming to get it done, or another equally awesome work-in-progress piece, tomorrow for something fab to post!!

PS, I found the actual University of Phoenix in Phoenix today!!

University of Phoenix

Met a new friend while stopping at the Continental Divide...

"You should take a picture of me for your scrapbook" came out of his mouth!!

...for t-shirts and other random tchotchkes advertised on the billboards leading up to it!  (These goodies included moccasins, turquoise, pottery, t-shirts, and hot coffee.  Yep, hot coffee had its own billboard!)

New Mexico!

I didn't purchase anything - no vintage goodies - but the shop owner did scare me with an envelope of rattlesnake eggs.  (Anybody else have seen/been victim to these?)

An actual outfit will be seen tomorrow!!  G'night and happy Friday friends :)