Week 12: Peter Pan Collar

Can I just say how good it feels to be back in action?  After rest, lots of soup, a ridiculous amount of tissues (I'm still blowing...), I'm feeling grrrreat! Tony the Tiger knows what's up!

Today's piece was one I worked on for the gals who asked about the Peter Pan collar!  I procured this piece myself...

Week 12: Peter Pan collar - Before

I loved the diamond-y print to this piece and the neckline is going to work like a charm for the collar.  Grab a doily and let's get crackin!

Something with a basic scoop or crew neck will work best for this piece, so keep that in mind when scouring your closet or thrifting!

I began by cutting the piece short to make it a top.  There was some snagging over the thigh areas, so it was an easy choice.

Trim those snags!!

I cut it to hit  just above the waist and then stitched a new hem at the bottom.

Stitchin' along...

It could be good to go as is, but it's collar time!!  I took a doily that I picked up at Joann's, but you can grab one from your own collection (my mom has oodles but they were packed up and shipped off to NC already) or at Goodwill.  I went with one that was 10" in diameter to fit along the neckline's edge.

Paint & Lace!

I'm going with fabric paint to change the color of the doily, but dye, fabric markers or even leaving the doily as is works too.  Go with what you like best or have time for :)  I took a foam paint brush and began to attack the doily with Tulip's Soft Fabric Paint.


If you paint, make sure you have something underneath like newspaper or an old towel as the paint will be seeping through the holes in the doily.  I used an old padded envelope to catch all the paint!

Picasso in action!

After painting was complete, I let it dry for a good 12 hours.  The doily definitely hardens up when it dries which actually made it easier to work with as I could mold it a little more.

Next, I snipped a slit towards the center of the doily and trimmed around the edges, leaving about 2 inches of trim to use.  I basically used the round piece in the center as a cutting guide.

Snipped and ready to attach!

I folded under about a 1/4 inch of the top of the doily trim on the inside of the piece, pinned it in place...

Fixed in place!

...and then stitched down in place with matching red thread.

Once it was affixed, I put it on, threw on my shades, and soaked in the very warm weather.

Week 12: Peter Pan Collar - After

I wanted to see the collar flap a bit, so I started my House of Pain, "Jump Around" dance.

Jump up, jump up and get down!

Cheap and easy and super cute = Peter Pan collar success!!