Week 12: Kaitlin

I love me some quilted nightgowny jackets, so you can imagine the excitement when I opened up this jade wonder from Kaitlin. I just love thinking about who wore these years ago because as comfy as they are, they heat up fast and are quite thick.  Perfect for the couch, but to sleep in...I'm not really feeling it!

"I loved this piece when I found it!  I picked it up at a garage sale because I was attracted to the color and thought it was a quilt.  Unfortunately it was not a quilt but instead this splendorous nightgown!  The woman holding the sale said that a lot of these pieces came from her mother-in-law and this was one of them.  I got a few more things (an American Eagle skirt, a pair of Sam & Libby ballet flats, and a few belts that you'd be proud of!) and she just gave this to me for free.  I'm passing it along your way now.  There are buttons missing, but I think you'll be able to fix them.  Thanks for the inspiration!  :)Kaity"

I had tons of Sam & Libby flats, with those cute bows at the end when I was younger!  Great score K!!

OK, here's the piece...

Week 12: Kaitlin - Before

Let's make this something to wear out and about!

There were just two cute greenish pearly buttons on the piece and a lot of white strings left from where buttons used to be.

Only two buttons total!

Those strings are actually super helpful because they're going to mark the spots where new buttons will be added!  I found these fab gold, square, weaved ones that fit perfectly through the button holes.

Replacement buttons!

I began by removing the lone two pearl buttons...

Attaching new buttons!

...before adding the new ones (five total) to the piece.  I did a fast hand stitch to secure the buttons, but use safety pins if it's easier.  Clasp from the inside of the jacket and you won't see them!  Either will do the trick.

Next, I cut the piece and took off about 10 inches.  I want this to have the feel of a jacket and hit around my knees.

Cut and shorten!

After a quick trim job, I stitched a new hem in place and was rockin' my new coat!!

Week 12: Kaitlin - After

I'm actually excited for this piece, because I'm taking it on the road trip with me.  It's going to be the cozy coat for inside the car that can also be rolled up into a makeshift pillow!!  Already thinking about the multiple options.  There is something else I want to do to the coat, but I haven't fully committed.  I'm going to take another day to digest the idea and then decide.

I loved the gold buttons, so I had to be matchy and I wore my gold Steve Madden heels.  I'm loving the little bit of glitz added to this more basic house coat.

Button ECU!!

Kaitlin, thank you for sending this freebie my way!!