Week 12: Tanya's NDAD Creation

I'm finally emerging from the cave known as my apartment!!  The nose is still being blown, but I feel 1000 times better!  YAY!!  Thanks to all of you who sent the nicest emails, comments and ecards - they brought such a smile to my face and it was just a treat to have all you looking out for me.  xo Today's piece comes to me from Tanya in PA!

You’ve inspired me to make so many alterations to my clothes…and I finally followed through on this one.  It’s a remake of a dreadfully boring crewneck sweater that’s been chomped on a bit by a moth and has been in my closet for years.  Since it’s cold out I wanted to keep wearing it, but it needed a lot of up-styling.

Tanya - Before

It’s become a bit felted in the wash, so it seemed appropriate to turn into a little jacket.

Time to work with this felted wool!!

I cut the length about five inches and cut it down the middle and every new edge is hand sewn.  The buttons are just for looks as the real closure is a snap and I kept the sleeves long to contrast with the short body.

Tanya - After

(The backdrop, by the way, is a pair of reclaimed china-cabinet doors I found on the sidewalk near my house. Why anyone would throw them away is anyone’s guess!)  I'm loving the repurposed doors too!!  Sidewalk finds are the best!!

Thanks for all the inspiration! "  Thank you Tanya for sharing your new swacket, my newly coined word for sweater-jacket :)