Week 13: Cold Season

I've gone straight through an entire box of Kleenex Puffs Plus (my nose is still raw and red) and am onto box two at the moment dealing with a crap cold that began Monday! Dear Nose, You are not my friend today. Very best, Marisa

Can't tell if it's partially due to allergies from the weird weather, or if I just had been downplaying not feeling well when I was legit not feeling well?  Regardless, it just hit like a ton of very heavy dumbbells.  I'm hoping to come around in a day or so and if I'm still stuck in bed, I'll have to knit or hand sew something.

It's water, hot tea, naps, vitamins, more naps, and oranges on the agenda...ugh, so not fun sleeping in a sea of crumbled tissues.  Hope all of you are feeling much better than I am right now.  More to follow...