Week 13: Football Sunday!

It's been a little hectic in my neck of the woods, sewing aside, because my parents who have been my neighbors here in Los Angeles for the past few years are now North Carolina bound!  All of my before pictures have been shot at their house, so the blog has also reaped the benefits of their close proximity and front lawn. Backyard Workshop!

Come the beginning of February, I'll be embarking on a little road trip heading down south to help them get situated in their new digs and you'll all obviously be coming along with, via photos and maybe some video :)

It's definitely bittersweet, and I'm sure I'll have my moments where I get sad, however I feel so lucky and blessed to have had them so close for the time they were here.  It's an exciting move for them to be close to family and I'm looking forward to trips and more extended family visits.  Today we had a little goodbye gathering where friends and family stopped by for pizza, stories, and football.  I wore a $1 find that was completely fitting for today.

Vintage SF!

A vintage t-shirt from the 49ers 1988 NFC Championship!  It was a perfect fit and honestly one of the softest and most deliciously comfy shirts.  Unfortunately this shirt was not lucky...

OT loss

...and since this shirt did not bring luck, I'm going with this one for next week!

Giants time!

Sorry Pats fans, even though I'm a Jets enthusiast, I'm going with the other NY team to take the Super Bowl.  We'll see if this shirt brings any luck in two weeks!