Week 13: Kira's NDAD Creation

Today's remake was one I thought was fab!  I have like three makeup bags - all freebies from Clinique's gift with purchase thanks to my mom - but this one that Kira did was just plain awesome! "Hi Marisa,

I'm so inspired by your fantastic creations.  I needed a makeup bag in a pinch the other day, didn't have money to buy one and decided to create my own bag from an old shirt I was getting rid of.  The bag turned out surprisingly well, looks sort of vintage/bohemian and and I wanted to share my creation with you!

Kira - Before

It was an easy bag to make because the neck of the shirt was ruched...

I used the ruching for the bag opening and cut a circle shape for the bag itself. I simply sewed the one edge seam together and added some ties made from the hem of the shirt.  The hem I cut off with about 1 inch extra material, folded over, sewed, and turned inside out.  

Almost ready to be filled with mascara!

I cut the sewn hem in half, tied one raw end of each tie and then sewed the opposite ends to the bag.  I accidentally put the "wrong" side of the ruching out on one side of the bag, but it actually looks like it is supposed to be reversible!  Sometimes accidents in sewing are happy ones. :)  The nice thing about my bag is that it's jersey knit, with the benefits of being extra stretchy and washable!"

Kira - After

Kira, what a fun way to transform that shirt!  I'm loving this and can't wait to try my hand at one of these!!  Thanks for sharing!