Week 14: Melanie Part II

She's Baaaaaaack!! Hello sweater dress part II!  Refresher of the before...

Week 14: Melanie - Before

Refresher of what it turned out looking like...

Week 14: Melanie - After

Refresher of what I was left with...


It's skirt time!!

I took that leftover sweater material and grabbed some elastic.  (For this, I'm using 3/4".)  I measured the elastic around my hips (the area that I want the skirt to sit) and made a mark at that point.


Taking the top raw edge of the material, I folded it over and began to pin the elastic in place under the sweater material.

Pinning the elastic under the fabric!

Once it was pinned, I began to stitch.  I started at one end and went around the material leaving a few inches undone.


This could have been just as easily done without the elastic in place - the sweater could have been stitched and the elastic could have been added after sewing.  I went this route to make sure the edge was stitched as close as possible as well keeping my clumsiness at bay, aka stitching gone awol!  I stitched the elastic together at my marking...

Elastic comes together!

...and then stitched down the last few inches that were left open.  But, that's not all!!!

I found some awesome trim at the fabric store...


...and decided to add this at the bottom of the skirt for a little more flair!

Upon completion, we were working with this...

Week 14: Melanie Part II - After

Some close up skirt action...

New Skirt!

It was like I was wearing a blanket!  Paired with my cozy thermal top, opaque tights, and boots, I had a cute ensemble that was equally as warm for a night out with some of my favorite people!  We were inside a theater for most of night, but as soon as we walked outside, it was jacket time.

Faux fur collaring!

I even got a glimpse of one of my style girl crushes, Kate Hudson, in a strapless jumpsuit!  I'm not sure if I could pull it off, but she did it in style.  I might have to have a go at that one!

Thanks again Melanie for the great sweater!!