Week 14: Melanie

Miss Melanie sent over this most fabulous piece from Boca.  I absolutely loved the short, yet sweet note: "Two words - sweater dress.  Two more words - shoulder pads.  Sorry, but I just couldn't resist!  Make it work, Mel :)"

Week 14: Melanie - Before

It felt very Mona from Who's The Boss...

Mona loves sweaters!

...but I really can't get away with wearing it as is!!

I started off with some trimming!

Grab those shears!

I cut the dress in half!!  Leaving about 18 inches below the trim (working on an easy skirt with the leftovers) I decided to keep this a festive sweater.  The striped sleeves were awesome and I couldn't have been more obsessed with the rhinestones around the neck.

Snippy McSnipperstein

In true 80s fashion, there were shoulder pads!!  Shoulder pads in sweaters, why not.  I think that was the thought coming from the Pierre Cardin and Esprit headquarters in 1983.  "When in doubt, shoulder pad it out!!"  (Yeah, I totally would have been on payroll back then if I wasn't three years old...these taglines would have been my goldmine!!)

Shoulder pads, out!

Because of not wanting the mohair to shed and fray, I quickly stitched around the bottom edge to avoid potential disaster.  There's a chance that I would have left a trail of purple sheddings if I hadn't stitched.

Edge stitching!

Just a simple adjustment to make this piece workable for today!  I was totally into the sleeves, and liked the billowy, ok well billowy for a sweater, nature.

Week 14: Melanie - After

If I wasn't so attached to the neck stones...

Rhinestones, you had me at hello...

...I would have adjusted the neckline.  Luckily for me, I was off to see two of my favorite children in life (and their equally amazing parents) and they don't judge - tweaked or untweaked neck, they still show the love!!

My favorite kiddos!!

I was given an awesome dance performance and was schooled in some iPhone app games.  With a 26 year age difference between us, they probably text faster than me and are the duo between "tianarox" who kicks my tush in Words With Friends games.


You can see my shoes above, tossed off to the side...  That was right after this happened:

Baby's got a new pair of shoes!

Elmo pj pants with size nine flats - classic combination!!  This could be the newest trend, thanks to Lil' A :)

The rest of the sweater will be tackled tomorrow.  Knit skirt for a chillier Southern California January day, check!!  Thank you Mel for the sweater dress of fabulousness!!