Week 14: Linda

Happy Golden Globes!  I'm a sucker for awards shows - I'm a total film buff and I love watching the dresses come down the red carpet and seeing what everyone picks from the colors to the jewelry and the hair.  Also, I love betting in the prize pools to try and guess the highest amount of winners.  I'm usually off, however this year I've seen most of the nominees and feel like I'm coming from a more educated place instead of the usual 'if Dame Judi Dench is nominated, she'll always win' stand. The Golden Boy, Ricky Gervais

Today's dress comes from Linda and because of what she was inspired by, it was the perfect piece to use!

"Dear Marisa,  I live in Great Falls, MT, but originally a "valley girl" from Santa Ana, CA.  I recently saw the movie The Help, and the enclosed dress reminds me of the 60s.  I debated over this dress and a church lady dress, but I thought the colors in this dress would look fantastic on you!  Have fun, I can't wait to see what you come up with.  I enjoy your creations so much!"

Now in my logging, the actual before photo of the dress was not with the documents I kept, so I'm using this photo instead as the before shot - it had the same shape and similar length of the one that Linda sent my way, so it will suffice.  Apologies!

Kind of like Linda's submission!

Here's a close up of the actual fabric to get the 60s idea!

Fabric ECU!

Since Linda was reminded of The Help with this piece and the Golden Globes are tonight with The Help up for awards, I felt this a perfect piece to work with!!

I began with the length...  I took my scissors and chopped off about two feet from the bottom of the piece.

Length removal

I'm going for a top instead of the dress, so I did a little bit of tucking...


...then pinning and folding to get the new bottom of the piece ready for stitching.

Pinned and ready!

The body of the dress was a bit big on me and I wanted to give it more shape, so I took it in about two inches on each side.  I followed the shape of the seam that was there already to make it snugger around my waist.

There was a lot of extra fabric leftover, so I took a strip about three inches...

Remnant trim

...and gave it a pretty seam.   This is going to be a little belt that I'm going to just knot in the front of the piece.  After my belt was stitched...

Stitch in Time

...I fixed the hem and had a top ready for the awards!!

Week 14: Linda - After

The V-shape was there already, but just making this a bit more snug made all the difference.  It reminded me of a shirt I saw at Banana Republic a few summers ago and had that same lineny-sheen feel and look to it.


The crew of friends got together to watch, comment, and...

Party Peeps!


Party Grub!

From homemade pizzas to meatball sandwiches, I had a feast fit for a queen, or the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who Meryl Streep won the globe for portraying!

The final tally...I was one of the pool winners!!  Woo, because this doesn't ever happen!!  We all tied with 14 correct answers and I thank George Clooney and Downton Abbey for being awesome enough to choose as my winners.

Pool Winners!

Speaking of winners (on the fashion front)...

I LOVED Charlize Theron's blushy Dior gown and I even liked the headband.  I know there were others at my shindig who totally disagreed on the headgear, but I was on board.

Charlize Theron in Dior

Claire Danes looked stunning!

Claire Danes in

I watched the entire season of Homeland in 36 hours, because I became addicted after the third episode.


My third fave was Nicole Kidman in Versace.  It's patterned, beaded, and totally different than anything else that was worn.  There were definitely people who thought I was crazy for loving, but I've always been a fan of Nic's choices and me thinks she's rocking it.

NK draped in beads!

Unfortch, I was not digging Jessica Biel's dress.  It looked like one of my 'before' shots...

Jessica Biel in

...and Meryl.  Ooh, it was like she had a lace embellished western shirt on with that skirt, but I do think that pocketed skirt is fantastic.

Meryl Streep in

Just a few thoughts on my end - who were your favorites?  Thank you Linda for sending me this awesome piece!!