Week 14: Johanna

Today's piece comes from Johanna... I figured because the Golden Globes are tonight, this golden sweater would fit right in.  (Get it, golden!)  Plus it's a sweater and it's January, so it works for winter as well!

"I got invited to my friend's annual holiday party, which this year had a theme of "Merry & Bright."  We were told to bring our sequins, glitter, shine, etc.  I knew that I didn't want to go out and buy something sparkly that I would likely never wear again, so, I hit the local Goodwill and found this interesting cream & gold sweater, clearly from the 80's.

Johanna - Before

Best of all, it was 50% off, so only cost me $2.50.  

ECU of the embroidery!

Time to see the magicalness of this $2.50 purchase!

I cut up the center, cutting around the "lovely" embroidery and neck.  I then resewed that edge, up the to neck and back down.  I took in the sleeves a bit and trimmed the excess to use as a tie.

Johanna - After

I threw a festive green tank under it, with some dark jeans and headed to the party.  Got several compliments on it.  :)   Never would have thought to do this little project had it not been for your blog.  THANK YOU!!!"

Johanna, I'm loving the new sweater!!  The removal of that bit of embroidery made all the difference - I'd be wearing this all the time!  Thanks for sharing your creativity and awesome work.  You're the quintessential Golden Girl, J!!