Week 14: Katie

"Here's something that I think you can have some fun with!  White, beaded, silk, long...it's fine now, but I want you to make it fantastic!  This came from my mom's bag of hand-me-downs that I just don't have the stamina to try and fix.  I will it to you...  Thanks for all the inspiration you give each day.  I am always amazed at what you do and I just can't wait until your book comes out!  Affectionately yours, Katie" Alrighty!  Today's dress from Katie (shout out to TN!) was one that I thought could work as a reserved wedding dress, one to use when striking those vows at City Hall, kinda like when Carrie and Big did it for reals.  (Yeah, that was a Sex and the City movie reference that I'm surprised I actually remembered enough to call out)


Week 14: Katie - Before


Carrie B gettin hitched!

The dress was silk with these gorgeous pearly beads stitched down on top of a lace bib and the silky material had pretty feathers stitched on it, however it was so hard to see being white.

Pearly Whites!

I'm not headed to City Hall any time soon, unless I get called into jury duty, so this needs a small tweak!!  I knew that this was a job for RIT dye to knock out of the park!!

I grabbed my dye - Denim Blue - and my Morton's Salt!!

Salt n' Dye

I started a hot water wash in the washing machine, added in the dress to get it wet and soaked, threw in some salt, and then added the dye.  (Make sure the piece is wet prior to dye addition - usually adding dye first is key, but I switched it up a bit today!)

Hot water wash!

The dress had a little water aerobatics lesson before coming out looking like a brand new girl!!  (Post dye-wash, I ran another 0ne to clean it out in case of any leftover dye.  I threw in my denims at the same time...two birds with one stone!)

I immediately became obsessed with the outcome that I didn't make any further adjustments post-dye.

Week 14: Katie - After

My original intentions were to shorten, adjust the sleeves, but I just couldn't bring myself to do anything because I was kind of in love with what I got.

Check out the close-up-awesomeness!!  I loved how the dye took to the bead work and the little bit of lace detail up top!  You couldn't even tell that this was there beforehand.

ECU of those Pearly Blues!

While picking up lunch, I took an instagram photo on the street and the pearls just shine!!

Marisa in the City

With my red boots, the denim blue-dyed dress made up today's ensemble.

Happy outfit!

I pose a question to you guys...anyone want a little more tweaking on this?  Shall I take this further?  Let me know what you think and depending on the majority, I'll do a part II where we get a little more crazy!!

Thank you to Miss Katie and thank you to RIT for making my new favorite dye shade!