Week 15: Judith

The original piece I was going to work with got scratched today as soon as I walked outside and felt the warmth.  Yeah, this weird winter heat is giving me spring fever!! I thought a fine piece to work with would be this floral wonder that Judith shipped out west.

Week 15: Judith - Before

"This piece came from a bunch of dresses that a neighbor handed my way.  I've been such a fan of your blog that I've been inspired to do my own remakes and friends are giving me their old pieces to use!  This dress was a bit too small, so I immediately thought of you.  The print is pretty and the dress is fine, but I'm sure you'll make it a bit more fun, like you usually do.  Thanks for all of the inspiration!"

Time to make a few small adjustments to work as my "yeah it's 74 degrees on January 8th" ensemble!

The first thing I did was remove the threads holding the strappy pieces to the front and to the waist.  I wasn't thrilled with the placement and I wanted to change it up just a bit.

Weird sash-y removal

I snipped the ends of the straps where they ended at the zipper in back...

Edge trim!

...and took the leftover hanging fabric strips and tied them into a pretty bow at the bottom of the neckline.

Post-sash trim

I changed the length and decided to go a little below my knees, so I could pair with boots and knee socks!

Length adjustment!

Completed, it looked a little something like this!!

Week 15: Judith - After

l got to hang at the soccer fields with my family, watching my bro play...


...while pretending to be seven on the playground.

Playground Love

My mom and I rooted from the stands and enjoyed the setting sun in the background.

Moms & Me

Such a lovely Sunday :)


Thanks for thinking of me and sending this piece my way J!!