Week 15: Marion

It's a red kind of day for me, going with this dress that got mailed to me from Marion a few months back. "Marisa!!!!  I've been reading your blog since seeing you on Nate Berkus and I just LOVE what you do!!  I've been trying to find something to send to you for a while and then found this at the community thrift store in my town.  You can't ever beat red, so I figured this should work well in your sewing.  It's very flowy and I can't wait to see how you "make it work"!  xoxo Mar"

Week 15: Marion - Before

It sure was flowy and had this drapey cover up, attached, on the top part of the dress.  There's a button up top that I unbuttoned just to see the wingspan :)  Hmm, what to remove and what to keep intact, that is the question!

I'm digging the drapey cover up, so I think I want to go the capelet route.  I took some thick gold ribbon that had a textured, leathery feel that will work as some edging for the soon-to-be non-dress!

Golden trim!

I began to pin the ribbon down to one edge...

Pinned to one side...

...and then the other!

Pin to the other...

Now that the edging was in place, I went and removed the skirt part of the dress.  I started with a seam ripper and then pulled it apart by hand.  I felt super hulk-y without turning green!

Skirt removal!!

I was left with a ton of fabric...

The leftovers!

...and then trimmed out the front part of the dress that was attached at the arms, under the drapey cover up, before stitching down my trim!!

Stitchy stitchy!!

I'm feeling a bit like Wonder Woman, tying in the gold and red.  I'll rock this with a leotard, a proper crown, and some sick kicks next time it's worn!  For tonight, I paired it with a white tank, celebration hat, and Crumbs mini-cupcake to enjoy friends in town visiting from NY.

Celebration cupcakes!!

When they come to town, we like to sing, so it was totally karaoke time!!

What up Lionel Richie!!

PS, the background imagery is priceless.  I can't wait to write I <3 U in the sand and then video it for a tutorial.  Watch out guys!!

I'm only the backup...

From Beyoncé to Mariah (I wasn't even going to touch those high notes) to Salt-N-Pepa, "we rocked the party that rocks the body."

Best karaoke partner evah!!

I can't wait to belt out some Tom Petty next time.  Last Dance With Mary Jane = Marisa's go to jam.  (Anybody have other good karaoke staples?)

Week 15: Marion - After

Fun night to ring in the weekend!! Thank you for making me a lady in red, Marion.  Maybe I should rock the 80s ballad next time?

Happy weekend friends!!