Week 16: Marisa

So today's piece comes from my personal collection of... SWEATSHIRTS!!  I've got a ton of old sweatshirts - ones from college, from my high school field hockey team, from random visits to to Washington DC during my youth (that sweatshirt is vintage glory and will have to show its face soon), so I wanted to use one of these guys for today.

I was inspired by a Forever 21 sweatshirt I saw a few weeks ago and thought this could be just the thing to glam up an old one from my collection.

Sweatshirt - Before

Rhinestones on sweatshirt - easy and cute!

I began with a sweatshirt - I took an old, nondescript, blue JERSEEZ one to start...

Sweatshirt - Before

...and grabbed some rhinestones to go on top.  I had some charcoal grey ones (bought in bulk over the summer for bridesmaid hairpiece embellishments) that I thought would complement the blue nicely.

Shimmer Time!

I began to place the rhinestones down in a horizontal lined pattern, with about two inches separating each stone.  I began with two up top in the center, then a row below of three placed under the empty spaces, followed by a row of four, until the entire front was covered..  I went with an evenly distributed rhinestone look, however go with what makes you happiest :)

(Also, I didn't make marks where the stones sat, but go for it if you're nervous about them moving from their designated spot, pre-glue.)


I grabbed my Aileen's Glitter and Gem glue, which I'm obsessed with, and squirted a bit onto some cardboard.  I grabbed a toothpick and began a little dip and dab action.

Dip & Dab!

(Let the piece dry for a bit before wearing - we don't want any rogue rhinestones on the loose!)

Even though it was feeling like June today in Los Angeles, being closer to the water, this worked perfect with some flip-flops.  And when I say closer to the water, I mean in the water!

Poolside in January!

Sorry NY...I feel your pain.  It is pretty weird that it's hot right now in January.

The closest to NY I'll be this January :)

A little close up of the rhinestonage...


This is such a great piece to toss on top of a t-shirt for a bit of comfortable glam, like I did today with my cuffed jeans and heels when I went out to meet a girlfriend for dessert.

Sweatshirt Success!

This piece is the sneaky alternative to wearing pj's outside the house...

Also, my new year's toast is coming a few days late, but I decided to save you the blabbery mess I would have been the day of (that's when I get super philosophical/emotional/wistful/etc.) and gather myself before I share.  Oh, and while Jimmy Fallon is thanking people, just imagine the below in a little card being read by him.

I just want to thank all of you for your support you've given me.  After year one, and then transitioning into remakes with your pieces for year two, I'm so lucky to have you all on board with me during this creative adventure.  I have the coolest, funniest, most creative, and amazing women (and those scattered fellas) reading and I am just so overjoyed to get your feedback, emails, and comments that inspire me every day.  I can't wait for the new things to come in 2012 and am looking forward to all of you buckling your safety belts and continuing on this journey with me :)

Also, I thank you for the great commentary you shared last month and with the questions posed, I feel like I've gotten to know you all a bit better.  I've found out your dream vacation spots (many have gotten pinned to my wish vacation board, so I thank you for that), your go-to recipes and wine recommendations (Texas Caviar ingredients and St. Emilion Bordeaux are on the shopping list, so I thank you for that), new DIY projects (recycled/collaged greeting cards and gifts-in-a-Mason-Jar will be fun to make, so I thank you for that), and the things you'd like to accomplish this year, which I hope are all successfully completed.  I think this year is going to rule, so let's make that happen, K?

(Congrats to ElizabethM for winning the last giveaway!)