Week 15: Maureen's NDAD Creation

Maureen in Portage, IN sent today's fantastic creation!  It's winter and this is the perfect keep warm and cozy project that everyone will enjoy.  Even though I'm not knee-deep in snow, I'm totally feeling this project and can't wait to make my own. "I just wanted to tell you that I'm a big fan of your site!  I do some knitting and crocheting in my spare time, but you have inspired me to buy a sewing machine and try my hand at that.  So without further ado, I wanted to share my project of the day.

I am loving the look of pillows and throws that look like comfy cable knit sweaters.  However, pillows in store or on etsy cost anywhere from $20 and up to $75 in some cases, so I took a trip to my local Goodwill and picked up some comfy sweaters there (buy-one-get-two-free!). 

Before - Maureen

What will this cable knit become??

Basically, the sweater was knit in two pieces, the back and front, so I ripped out the seams attaching the two.  I took one of the sides, cut the bottom so that I had a rectangle, and sewed on a back from a cream colored pillowcase.  (Although it might have been easier to just make a back and front of the pillow with the front and back halves of the sweater, but I wasn't thinking about that at the time.)  I stuffed it with some polyester fiberfill and sewed up the last seam.  All for probably less than five dollars! 

Maureen - After

I still have the other half of the sweater so I'm sure I can make another one if I want and I also picked up another two sweaters with different patterns so I think those will be my next project! 

Thanks for sharing all your hard work!  I really enjoy it, keep it coming!"

What a great way to repurpose those moth-gnawed sweaters too!!  I love this project Maureen - thanks for sharing!!