Week 17: Necklace Assembly

Right before the holidays I had been doing some eBay scouring.  I find myself starting to search for that one thing I'm looking for and then go off on tangents, looking at other stuff from the same sellers, as well as the pop up boxes of other things eBay thinks you'd be into.  I'm such a sucker, I click on everything :)  I had been wanting to find some sort of vintage JETS jewelry for the longest time and began a little search and came across the below. The eBay find!

A vintage JETS charm that I scored for 99 cents just arrived!  Time to get it neck ready!

I don't have many thin chain necklaces aside from the one that I wear daily with a few meaningful charms on it.  I didn't want to add the helmet to that mix - I mean, I love the JETS, but I don't need to incorporate them into my daily routine.  I decided to DIY my own chain.

Joann's had an awesome sale about a week ago with all their jewelry findings at 40%, so I stocked up!  (PS, a Su-Sa pill box is the perfect compartmentalized storage unit for all my jewelry goodies!)  I found some sterling silver chain that just needed clasps added.

The tools!

I took a jump ring (the round silver ring) and a spring ring (the claspy ring) and got to work with my pliers.  I connected the spring ring to one end of the chain...

Chain chain chain!

...and the jump ring to the other end...

All attached!

After attaching the rings to the chain, I tightened the edges so there was no space for the chain to fall out.  I added my new charm and voila...

I'm charmed!

...my JETS chain is ready to wear!!  From the cost of the materials and the charm itself, this necklace cost a little over two bucks. Now, it's a bit late in the season, however I'm hoping it'll be my good luck charm over the next few weeks.

Ready to wear!

I'm heading on a local mini-cation with the family to Hearst Castle and Cambria (Central Coast wine country) tomorrow and had some quick cocktails this evening before I came home to pack.  In preparation, I thought this would be the perfect giveaway.  No actual booze is being served here, however Lorac's Tequila Sunrise Mocktail Gloss, Temptation's Pomegranate Martini Gloss Pot, and Burt's Bees Bay Rum soap is a perfect little non-alcoholic treat for all.

Day 28 Giveaway Goodies

To enter, leave a comment below of your favorite cocktail or mocktail... A winner will be picked randomly today (12/29) and mentioned in tomorrow's (12/30) post.  PS, reading through all your candy comments from yesterday made me want to go to the movies just to snack!  The addition of the sweet chocolate candies into the savory popcorn is most definitely being worked out at my next screening - I can't wait.  Ooh, and congrats to Heather C. for winning.

I think that on the mocktail front I'm all over anything blended and on the cocktail front, I love Moscow Mules - lime, vodka, and ginger beer.  Mmmmm!!