Week 17: Fam-cation

Hey friends!  Today's post is going to be quicker than planned - the 'charming' motel we're road-tripping at is having some Wi-Fi issues.  More fun and fab pics tomorrow for sure... Family mini holiday up to the Central Coast of California began with a stop at Chick-Fil-A where my brother got a peppermint milkshake for breakfast.

I mean...

I got fries and yogurt, so no judgement, obviously :)

We stopped in Morro Bay by the large rock in the middle of the water...

Morro Bay!

...before making it to our first destination, the Hearst Ranch Winery.  We did some wine tasting...

Familial Wine Tasting!

...before making it over to Hearst Castle...

The Castle of Hearst

...for an evening tour which was incredible!!  It was lit gorgeously and I kept on wanting to sneak into crevasses and dressing rooms like this one...

One of my favorite spots!

...to pretend I was one of William Randolph Hearst's guests back in the 20s, swimming in the Roman pools, having meals with Groucho Marx, and playing tennis way into the wee hours under flood lights.  Yeah, I can't play tennis to save my life, but I'd still do it just 'cause.

The pool was insane and with all the pillars could have doubled as Caesar's Palace in Vegas.  OK, well we won't go that far.

La Piscine!

Tomorrow will be chock full of more goodies... To leave you tonight, I'm giving away a lovely wine-themed pack with a gorgeous brocade fabric wine bag with jade stone, some LU water crackers, a sterling silver wine cork (it's a shell, but is hard to see), a travel wine screw, and a Cheers card by Rock Paper Scissors.  Ideally this will make the perfect gift for someone with the addition of a bottle of wine, however feel free to pick and choose what to keep and what to bring as a hostess gift, winner.

Day 29 Giveaway Goodies

To enter, leave a comment below of a favorite wine or cheese - for those who aren't into either, just give me something that'll make me smile.  A winner will get chosen today (12/30) and mentioned on tomorrow's post (12/31).

I love fuller bodied wines and Cabernet Sauvignon is my usual go-to.  I love Tempranillos too and with cheese, there really is no wrong in my book.  A yummy brie perhaps to accompany or on it's own.  I would live in a house of brie if possible.

Congrats to Leah D. who won yesterday's goodies!  Everyone's cocktail choices make me want to throw one, big, group Happy Hour...if there was only a way to do this over the interwebs.  Le sigh :)