Week 17: Erin

Today's piece came from my gal Erin, who's grad schooling her way through Kent State! "Dear Marisa - Hello!  Long time listener, first time caller note!"

PS, best letter intro I've received.

Week 17: Erin - Before

"The muumuu has been at the bottom of my closet since August, at which I had high hopes of acquiring a sewing machine from Santa in the near future.  Well Santa has come and gone.  He ate the cookies, drank the milk, and forgot to put a Singer under the tree :(  I bought a hand held Singer Sew Quick in a last "stitch" (har har) effort to execute my vision.  Obviously, no luck.  It is now yours to do with what you wish!"

Before we begin, can we take a minute to check out this fab bubble-lope?  Love!!

Stellar packing job!

Time to make this muumuu work!

Erin sent some extra fabric that she cut from the bottom of the piece, but I decided not to take the money and go for the car!!  (Holiday mode means catching some Price is Right/daytime TV...I was playing along, what?!)

I ended up trimming more off.  With my shears, I cut about seven inches from the bottom...

Trim it more!

...and began to pin down the raw edges to create a new hem.

Pinned hem time

I opened up the neckline a bit with a seam ripper and next came the sleeves - I cut about half of them off.  I'm keeping this a tunic/dress and just want to make it more fitted to be layered over tights and a long sleeved tee.  The sleeves were too boxy and I wanted some that were just a smidge longer than a cap sleeve.  I trimmed, I pinned, and I stitched.

Sleeve tweakage

Once the sleeves were tackled, the hem and the body of the muumuu were taken down next.  I felt like I was playing my own little football game in my head...I decided not to be on my real team, the Jets, just because their performance wasn't so stellar this past week, nor my fantasy team DJ Roomba because my QB Michael Vick has been too inconsistent and I'm officially out for playoffs.  I went with my TV team, the Dillon Panthers.  It was me, Riggins, and QB1 taking down this muumuu like they did the South Texas Titans.

Stitch it out

I threw on my football shoulder pads paper thin, long-sleeved white tee, thick white tights (Benetton ones that I have no recollection of purchasing/receiving), and boots for an evening coffee trip (the warmth was amazing, the caffeine...well, I'm still up at 3am).

Week 17: Erin - After

I actually ended up wearing the cardigan all evening to try and stop the runny nose issue.  Oh, clarification.  Not to wipe the nose with, but to warm me up to prevent the drippage.  Capice?

Cold LA eve

I felt that this brownish/reddish combo was rustic and woodsy - I even tossed another thick sweater on top.  You'd think I was up in Ohio with Erin instead of Southern California.

I'm a complete chocoholic.  My stocking was filled with those circular holiday Nestle Crunch and Butterfinger disks, chocolate reindeer Peeps (yes, they make those!) and SnoCaps (who's coming with me to see Young Adult?) which made me a very happy camper.

Day 27 Giveaway Goodies

To celebrate chocolate, today's giveaway is all about it.  On the edible front, a Hershey's bar and a box of See's Candies Truffles awaits along with Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lip Butter and a Mocha Rose gloss from the Rosebud Salve family (both, the best for making your lips soft), and a Philip B Chocolate Milk Body Wash, with a Chocolate Bath Fizzy for the tub.

To win, leave a comment with your favorite movie treat, be it Junior Mints or those delicious chicken apple sausages at the Arclight in Hollywood (anyone, Bueller?) A winner will be picked randomly today (12/28) and mentioned in tomorrow's (12/29) post.  Congrats to Strunkette for winning yesterday's Banana Republic fragrance!