Week 17: Ana's NDAD Creation

Today's remake comes from a girlfriend of mine, Señorita Ana, who was inspired by the heart stitched gloves I made.  I was super excited to get a few pictures sent my way while she's been at home crafting a few pairs with a girlfriend for holiday gifts. Gloves!!

The brilliant subject line to the photos..."making it happen. xoxo"  I couldn't be prouder!!

I love craft nights with friends too...more of those will be coming in the new year!

More Gloves!!

Just trying to finish up some work before a weekend of holiday and spirits.  I just finished watching Jimmy Fallon and he had the most sweetest segment where he sang with the Muppets while fake snow fell in the background.  Kermit will always hold the key to my heart!

Jimmy Fallon & Muppets serenading...

OK, so Christmas weekend has arrived!!  (PS, I'm totally baffled how December has arrived and it's almost 2012...anyone else in that same boat?) I had a little Hanukkah gathering with friends earlier in the week and will be spending Christmas Eve/Christmas day cooking, lounging, and watching movies with my family.  Christmas day tends to be one where we end up at the movie theater - I remember spending Christmas '96 watching Good Will Hunting, le sigh.

Today's giveaway is one tied into staying at home and enjoying the cinema (and snacks) from the comforts of your couch!  The final two films of the Harry Potter series - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 & Pt. 2, along with Harry Potter playing cards, and ACT II microwave popcorn are up for grabs!!

Day 23 Giveaway Goodies

To win, leave a comment below of your favorite holiday film - whatever you associate with the holiday.  Because of the Christmas weekend, a winner will get chosen randomly on Monday (12/26) and mentioned in Tuesday’s (12/27) post.  This will just give everyone a little more time to enter/time off of the computer hanging with friends and family.  Congrats to yellowbutterfly1979 who won yesterday’s goodies!

I have two holiday film faves - Home Alone and Die Hard.  Kevin McAllister and John McClain ring my holiday bell!  Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!!

(PS - Ana, thanks for sending the glove pics!!)