Week 19: Bridget

I'm getting into the holiday spirit and feeling the red and green, so today's forest green jumper that Bridget sent me was exactly what was getting worn, this 15th of December. Week 19: Bridget - Before

This reminded me of my uniform in Catholic school because green, yellow, navy were our colors!  We had vests, blazers, and oxfords too, but you don't have to wear all of those together!  I think you will make something excellent from this and I look forward to seeing what you create!

Side View!

There was a whole lotta room in the arms that need fixin' as well as some other adjustments to make it chic and party ready for a West Elm opening in my hood!

I got a bag full of trimmings (lace, patches, trim) for a buck and I pulled these navy lace pieces from it.

Navy lace!!

Because I love the idea of keeping this a jumper, I wanted to elevate the style of it - I took those bits and began pinning and lining the neck with them.

Lining the collar!

I made a mirror image of the lace on each side of the neck, zhush-ing it up!

All pinned down!

There was a lot of space in the arm area, so I wanted to bring it in a little.  I pinned a little over an inch on each side before sewing it in place.

Pinning interior!

After stitching the body, I stitched the lace down at the neck next and had my new jumper ready to wear!!

Affix the lace!

I paired the piece with a Forever 21 navy blouse with sheer sleeves and my vintage boots and headed out into the wet Los Angeles evening!

Week 19: Bridget - After

West Elm was bumping!!

Packed house!

I became obsessed with the hand painted pillows and I think I might have to make my own version soon!

Painted pillows!

I tested the comfy-ness of the couches...

Canapés and couches!

...and became obsessed with all the monogrammed goodies like these Illumé candles.

Initialed candles!!

I found a print of a stitched 'M' and thought it was the perfect spot for a photo op!


I ended up getting an astrology mug with scales for my Libra sign, and felt it fitting to include an awesome chalk mug in today's giveaway, along with a  journal, and a Trapp votive candle in Bamboo Sugar Cane.  All home-ish goods that I have in my house.  Well, I don't have the cool chalk mug that you can write anything on, but my astrology one will have to suffice.

Day 15 Giveaway Goodies

Leave a comment below with your favorite home furnishing, be it vintage/new/hand-me-down and a winner will get picked randomly tonight (12/16) and mentioned in tomorrow’s (12/17) post.

I was overwhelmed and so happy with the ridiculously amazing app mentions and recipes from yesterday - I've made a list of many, many ones to add to my repertoire!  The random winner is Katie P. with her caprese on a stick and the recipe I chose as the one to make for my holiday party this weekend was the caramelized onion crostinis from Heather!!  PS, I will be dreaming of Lil' Smokies wrapped in crescent rolls this evening...