Week 18: Holiday Weekend Part 1

Today I went straight to my closet for the piece of the day!  I have this fabulous shimmery, blackish silver, mesh-looking, blazer of sorts that had some hole issues that needed fixin! Hole central!!

This piece has gotten snagged over and over and it was time to get it back into rotation!

I assessed the hole situation...

Stitch em up!!Stitch em up!!

...and began to hand stitch everything closed.  I turned the jacket inside out and mended each opening as carefully as I could.

Hand stitching!

When it was all done, I grabbed a vintage brooch and added it to the collar...

All stitched up!

...and paired it with a red polkadotted blouse for a night of catch up and holiday sips with great friends.  I made a batch of snickerdoodles and cruised over to TC's for a little gathering.  (My appetizers will make the rounds tomorrow night!)

It's cookie time!!

There were some holiday wall hangings that were right up my alley.  From afar, they looked like little mosaics...

Wall Decor!

...up close, they were comprised of buttons and old pins!  I not-so-secretly wanted that floral pin in the center to put in my hair!!

ECU!! (Extreme Close Up!)

We listened to holiday tunes, reminisced of our post-college jobs and the ridiculousness that came with them, and talked about fun travels.  My jeans and glitzy jacket pairing matched the golf club display that was trimmed by multi colored lights.  The ambiance was spot on and we all got to go home with a favor, TC's annual mix CD of holiday music awesomeness!!

First candy canes of the season!

I'm addicted to marcasite so today's giveaway is a pair of art deco-ish earrings and a pin with onyx in the center.

Day 16 Giveaway Goodies

After all the talking tonight, leave a comment below with your first job, either in high school or college and a winner will get picked randomly tonight (12/17) and mentioned in tomorrow’s (12/18) post.  (Congrats to Jess for winning yesterday's!)

My first real job post-college was working on the movie Old School in the casting department.  A bunch of us from the office were extras during the last day of shooting, which was the big party scene with Snoop Dogg and when Will Ferrell goes streaking.  You can even see me if you look closely...aah, back when I was a wee 22 year old!