Week 19: Holiday Party Prep

Tonight was spent prepping at TT's for the annual holiday party I've been so lucky to be a part of for the past 11 or so years - it's the shindig that was started right after we graduated from college and has been going strong each and every year since.  We all dress up, bring lots of food, and get to catch up with each other.  It's a treat and it just makes me realize how lucky I am to have such good friends in my life. Annually held at TT's casa, I went over tonight to her place to help set up.  From the strings of lights that had to be checked to make sure they were all in working condition...

Lots o'lights!

...to the garland that had to be hung evenly in the ledge above the TV...

Draping Garland!

...we had our work cut out for us!!

There were oodles and oodles of decorations that got pulled out from the holiday boxes and we had fun reminiscing of parties past, remembering when certain things were added to the decor mix and who brought what and who brought who over the years.

Loads of decorations!

It was a little lopsided, but I tried my hardest to reach the top of the biggest tree I've ever seen inside a house!!  It only kinda worked, but it'll get tweaked by those taller than me before Saturday!

Star on top!

With holiday music playing in the background, we worked and ornamented, and got the place closer to looking like North Pole!!

The End!!

OK guys, so I need your help - I've been designated the apps gal for the party on Saturday.  Any go-to appetizer recipes?  (Perhaps ones that are relatively easy too :))  I'm going to scour through the amazing comments of your favorite recipes left last week to see more ideas there too as I'm going to be making a few things.  The goodies up for grabs today are my favorite Envirosax bags!!


Totable totes perfect for carrying groceries home from Trader Joe's or holding a water bottle, keys, and a towel to the gym.  Also included is a fun Blue Q change purse with a Lassie-esque looking dog on it.  Reusable bags are the bees knees today!

Day 14 Giveaway Goodies

Congrats to yesterday's winner - Sarah P!  Leave a comment with an appetizer you've had that blew your mind or a solid go-to below and a winner will get picked randomly tonight (12/15) and mentioned in tomorrow’s (12/16) post.  There will be two winners for this one - one randomly chosen and one with the recipe I'm going to actually use this weekend!  Thanks in advance for your foodie assistance, as I will be the sous chef to your Bobby Flay/Paula Deen/Anthony Bourdain/etc...